AIOU Solved Assignments Cost Accounting 444 Autumn 2022
AIOU Solved Assignments Cost Accounting 444 Autumn 2022

What is a virus antivirus multimedia assembler compiler linker and interpreter?


What is a virus?

Describe antivirus software and enlist five important antivirus software. 


What is a virus antivirus multimedia assembler compiler linker and interpreter?


A computer virus is a malicious software program loaded into a user’s computer without the knowledge of the user. It can itself destroy everything in the computer and the computer becomes infected. It can delete important data from the computer. Viruses are of different types such as malware, Trojan horses, etc.

Antivirus software:

Antivirus software is a set of instructions that are designed to prevent computers from viruses. It can search detect viruses and other malicious software to prevent computer programs and data loss. Different antivirus software is as follows:

  • Avast:

Avast is a free antivirus solution that offers reliable protection and fulfills all user’s requirements. You can get complete protection by scanning your PC.

  • Malware bytes:

It is the latest type of malware it can detect those things which cannot be detected by other top software. You can easily clean up your computer with real-time protection by scanning.

  • AVG:

It is similar to Avast. They almost perform the same operations. It will protect you from great malware threats and you will get e-mail and link protection.

  • Norton:

It is a renowned brand and has been protecting millions of users from the latest threats. This software is not free. It requires charges for use.

  • Bite defender:

It is one of the best antivirus software that provides both free and paid solutions to users. If you just need to protect your computer from malware then it provides good protection


Identify basic elements of the communication system. Also explain assembler, compiler, linker, and interpreter.


Communication means sending information from one place to another place. A collection of elements works together to establish communication between sender and receiver. It has the following basic elements:

  • Information source:

It establishes a communication bridge between sender and receiver. The information can be a message, audio, video images, etc.

  • Input:

Input is the major element. When there is communication then you have to speak, it acts as an input. If your friend is close to you then you can communicate by a sound signal. If the same friend is far from you then you cannot communicate by sound signals because sound signals do not travel longer.

  • Transmmitor:

It transmits signals from place to place.


Assembler is used to decode the assembly. Assembly language is a low-level language.


Compiles the whole document and detects errors.


The interpreter detects errors in the document by line to line and corrects the errors.


What is multimedia?

Write examples of multimedia in education and entertainment.


Multimedia is the use of computers to present and combine text, graphics audio, and video with links and tools that let the user interact communicate, navigate and create.

Examples :

  • slideshow or presentation
  • Prezi
  • diagrams
  • infographics
  • podcast
  • screen capture
  • talking head
  • animation
  • glass screen


What are point and draw devices explain?


Point and draw devices are input devices that allow a user to input spatial data into the computer and allow the user to control or provide data by physical gestures by moving a handheld mouse. movements of devices are enhanced on the screen by the movement of the pointer.


The mouse is the most commonly used input has two buttons that can control the movement of the pointer on the screen. Most of the movements are done by a left click on the mouse. It has a left or right click.


It is also a pointing device. It has a large ball on its top. The movement of the cursor is controlled by moving the ball to the thumb. It is static and uses less space than a mouse.

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