AIOU Solved Assignments Cost Accounting 444 Autumn 2022
AIOU Solved Assignments Cost Accounting 444 Autumn 2022

The Important Parameters That Influence The Selection Of Programming Language


What Are The Important Parameters That Influence The Selection Of Programming Language?


Programming languages:

A computer cannot work without a language it also needs a certain language to perform operations.  The computer cannot perform operations without any language. The instructions are formulated according to pre-defined format and that format is based on the syntax and semantics of programming languages.

Programming language is used to write instructions on a computer. Computer language is known as a programming language. A programmer must have to learn the programming language for running different programs. There are different types of programming language such as low-level language and high-level language.

Low-level language:

Low-level language is the language of machines. This language is near to machines and far from humans. Such as assembly language.

High-level language:

A high-level language is the language of humans. It is English-like sentences and far from machines just like C++, JAVA, etc.

Factors influencing programming language:

These factors are as follows:

  • Cost:

Cost is a major factor that greatly influences the maintenance and development of software. For developing software all its needs must be taken into account.

  • Organization policy:

Large organizations have policies that specify which hardware and software are used. Organizations make standards and environment systems.

  • Availability:

For a programming language to have good availability, it should have correct tools and features that can speed and simplify production.

  • Reliability:

Some features are built into a programming language that can prevent it from crashing. Programming languages must be reliable.

  • Suitability:

To make sure that the programming language is suitable, it must be working on all platforms or not.

  • Expandability:

Some languages are better at handling large amounts of users without crashing others.

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