Various Types Of Components Of Data Communication System And Its Functionality


Figure Out The Various Types Of Components Of Data Communication System And Its Functionality.


Data communication:

Data communication is the transfer of electronic data between two devices through any communication media. For communication, there must be different devices. These devices are connected with some media like physical cable wires or radio waves. This communication has three fundamental principles just like:

  • Delivery:

The sender sends the data and data is delivered incorrect destination or receiver.

  • Accuracy:

It provides accuracy. The data that has to be sent must be accurate. In complete data is unusable.

  • Timeline:

Data must be delivered on time. Late delivery is not effective

Components of data communication:

  • Message:

The message is the data that has to be sent. Message can be of different forms such as text messages, audio, video, images, etc.

  • Sender:

The sender can be any device that is responsible for sending data. It is responsible for sending data accurately and on the time. It sends data according to the need of the receiver.

  • Receiver:

The receiver receives the data that is sent by the sender. The receiver can also be a computer or any other device.

  • Medium:

Medium is the path through which the data is sent. Within an office, the medium may be a physical wire. When data is transferred to different locations then they can be connected through radio waves.

  • Protocol:

Protocols are the rules that must be followed to send or receive data. Without protocol data is useless.


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