AIOU Solved Assignments Cost Accounting 444 Autumn 2022
AIOU Solved Assignments Cost Accounting 444 Autumn 2022

Why Operating System Is Compulsory For Computers


Why Operating System Is Compulsory For Computers?

Write Down Facilities Available In Windows Operating System.


Operating system:

An operating system is the most important program that must be run on a computer. A computer cannot work without an operating system. It provides interaction between humans and computers. It performs several tasks such as:

  • Recognize input
  • Provide output on the screen
  • Managing files in different drives
  • Managing all peripheral devices

The operating system is of two types:

  • Graphical user interface
  • Command-line interface

Graphical user interface:

The graphical user interface is a user-friendly interface. It is the interface in which there are different icons and we can use pointing devices such as mice to point any icon and perform different operations. It is the most commonly used interface.

Command-line interface:

The command-line interface is not user-friendly. It is difficult to interface. In this interface, we have to type commands from the keyboard to access different drives in the computer. In this, we have to remember the path of every directory which is difficult to remember.

Features of windows operating system:

  • Speed:

It provides fast speed. It is very responsive and saves a lot of time.

  • Compatibility:

It provides compatibility. Compatibility on windows 7 is better and fast than the other windows just like windows XP.

  • Error detection and handling:

It detects the errors, handles the error, and tries to remove the error for better performance.

  • Resource allocation:

It is a resource allocator and allocates different resources to different components. Resources are just like input or output devices.

  • Multitasking:

It provides the feature of multitasking. Multitasking means performing multiple tasks at the same time.

  • Handling I/O operations:

Handle different I/O operations and I/O devices.

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