Paragraph On My Father Daily Routine In 100 Words

Observe your father’s daily activities closely for a few days and then write a brief and concise paragraph about his daily routine. You are required to use at least ten sequence markers appropriately to create both cohesive and coherent paragraphs.

My father is the hero in my life. He is 45 years old, he has four sons and two daughters. He has many responsibilities too. In this essay, I will tell you about a day in my father’s life from the morning until the evening.

Every day, my father wakes up at 5 am. He calls my brothers and me up to go to the mosque to pray. Then he comes back home to have his breakfast with us. He takes a shower and wears his work uniform. After that, he reads the Holy Quran and goes to work at seven ‘clock.

In the afternoon, My father leaves his job. He comes back at 4 clocks and goes to the mosque to pray. After that, he eats his lunch. Moreover, he goes to his father and mother in my uncle’s house and helps my grandfather take a shower for him because he is sick.

At night my father goes to the supermarket to do some shopping for the house. After 9 clocks he has dinner with us and asks me and my brothers about schools and college. Next, he teaches my little brother science, English and Maths. At 10 pm my father watches the news after that he goes to sleep. That is the last thing he does in his day.

At the weekend, the days are different. On Friday my father wakes up at 9 am and calls my brothers and me up to take showers also to have breakfast together. After that, he reads the Holy Quran and goes to the mosque with my brothers. When he comes back from the mosque he has his lunch with us. After finishing the launch he reads the newspaper and goes to take a nap. At four clock he goes to pray and takes us wherever we must prep. At ten clock he has his dinner and talks with us. After that, he goes to sleep.

To sum up, this is a day of my father. He is a well-organized man because he finishes all his responsibilities on time. I hope you find it interesting.

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