Compare Secondary And Higher Education of India and Pakistan
Compare Secondary And Higher Education of India and Pakistan

Female Politician Interview Questions

Suppose you are hosting a famous TV talk show and you are required to interview a highly popular Pakistani female politician. Write at least ten questions that you will ask her to know about her incredible journey in the field of politics.

Female Politician Interview Questions In obtaining maximum information about her life and profession, I will pose the following questions.

  • Tell me about your profession/about yourself as a philanthropist?
  • What inspired you to start Edhi Foundation?
  • Where do you get other financial support to enable you to run your foundation?
  • How can people with diverse problems who need your help reach you?
  • Which person had the most influence in your life and how?
  • What leads to your successes?
  • What are your worst challenges in this foundation?
  • What advice can you give to people who aspire to be like you?
  • What steps are you planning to take to ensure your children or any other keep the foundation going? person
  • What’s your largest impact so far on the Pakistani Population?
  • What is your personal stand on the issue of 33 percent reservation for women?
  • So you see reservation as part of a greater change in the system?
  • You have made some personal efforts at getting larger numbers of women’s party tickets. What have you found to be the barriers?
  • How did this issue get included in your party’s manifesto?
  • Do you think this is just party games?
  • What is the status now?
  • Did your party ever try to encourage the involvement of women in the party?
  • What are the reasons that women have not been able to come forward?
  • What suggestions will you give to your party to check the tendency of politicians to give tickets only to their own female relatives?
  • So do you have your party’s support on this issue?
  • Do you think that on some pretext or the other the passing of this bill will be postponed?

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