How to make a chart graph in MS Excel


How to make a chart graph in MS Excel?

Also, write the names of different types of graphs available in MS Excel.


MS Excel is a type of software that consists of different spreadsheets that are used to display and manipulate data in tabular form. It consists of rows and columns. It accepts data in rows and columns and performs different operations and calculations.


  • Rows and columns:

A spreadsheet table consists of many rows and columns. Rows and columns are labeled.

  • Cells:

The cell is a combination of rows and columns. Data is entered in the cells and then operations are performed. It is uniquely identified by row and column designators like A2, C5, etc.

  • Formulas:

It is the relationship between the values of cells. It is used to perform mathematical operations such as D5=E1+B3 etc.

  • Functions:

Functions are pre-build formulas for certain problems which have been already stored. They are shortcuts for mathematical operations such as COUNT, MAX, SUM, MIN, etc.


Different charts and graphs provided by MS Excel are as follows:

  • Bar chart
  • Component bar chart
  • Histogram
  • Pie chart
  • Dot and plot chart
  • Ogive
  • Hysterogram
  • Multiple bar chart

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