AIOU Solved Assignments Cost Accounting 444 Autumn 2022
AIOU Solved Assignments Cost Accounting 444 Autumn 2022

Creating Saving Editing And Deleting An MS Word Document


Creating Saving Editing And Deleting An MS Word Document Write Down The Process For Creating, Saving, Editing, And Deleting An MS Word Document?


MS Word is a platform where we can create any type of documents like assignments, curriculum vitae, applications letters, and more. We can easily create, edit, save, delete a document.

Different processes are as follows:

Create a document:

  • An open word from the start menu, if it is already open, select File> New.
  • In the search bar, we can search by typing Word then the result will display.
  • Click a template to see a preview.
  • Select create.

Save a document:

  • Click File>Save, pick a folder in which you want to save the document, write the name of the document and click the save button
  • Also, press Ctrl+S to save the document.

Edit a document:

Click Edit>Document in WORD for making changes

Also make changes by switching to Editing View, where you can update, create or delete the document.

Delete a document:

  • Locate the file which you want to delete
  • Right-click on it, a pop-up menu appears
  • Select the delete option from the menu
  • Click ok


Creating a new blank document.
When you’re preparing a simple document—like a two-page essay, a note for the babysitter, or a press release—a plain, unadorned page is fine. Or, when you’re just brainstorming and you’re not sure what you want the final document to look like, you probably want to start with a blank slate or use one of Word’s templates to provide structure for your text.

Creating a document from an existing document.
For letters, resumes, and other documents that require more formatting, why reinvent the wheel? You can save time by using an existing document as a starting point. When you have a letter format that you like, you can use it over and over by editing the contents.

Creating a document from a template.
Use a template when you need a professional design for a complex document, like a newsletter, a contract, or meeting minutes. Templates are a lot like forms—the margins, formatting, and graphics are already in place. All you do is fill in your text.

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