Yellow Pencil Visual CSS Style Editor
Yellow Pencil Visual CSS Style Editor

Yellow Pencil Visual CSS Style Editor

What is a Yellow Pencil Visual Editor?

Yellow Pencil Visual CSS Style Editor The plugin allows you to customize any page and theme without coding. Click an element and start visual editing. Adjust colors, fonts, sizes, positions, and more. Get full control over your website design with over 60 style features.

Yellow Pencil provides everything you need to customize your site design. The plugin comes with advanced features such as visual resizing, drag-and-drop, and scaling tools, as well as tons of resources including background patterns, Google Fonts, and trending color palettes. which allows you to customize your site. Any screen size.

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How Does This Work?

The plugin generates CSS codes like a professional web developer in the background while you are editing the web page visually. The plugin doesn’t modify any theme file, instead of it loads the generated CSS codes to the website in a dynamic way so that you can manage the changes anytime.

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Customize any page, any element
Customize the WordPress login page
Automatic CSS selectors
60+ CSS properties
Visual Drag & Drop
Visual Margin & Padding editing
Live CSS editor
Live preview
Manage the changes
Undo / Redo history
Export stylesheet file

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