How To Filter WooCommerce Products In WordPress

How To Filter WooCommerce Products In WordPress Filter Everything PRO is a new professional WordPress / WooCommerce product filter that allows you to create a powerful filtering system for your site.

Filter options
Filtering quality
Filter label
Previous URL for the filter
Meta key (for filters by custom field)
View [checkboxes | radio button | list of labels | dropdown | range]
Filter Logic [AND | OR]
Terms [term name | post count | term ID]
Add / Remove Terms
Folding [active | unfunctional]
Use for variations.
Show rating (for rating)
The search field (to search between terms)
Parent filter
Hide until parents are selected.
Enable range slider? [Active | unfunctional]
Slider step (numeric value)
Tool tip
Show selected [active | deactive ]

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The main purpose of developing the Filter Everything plugin was to create a professional and ultimate filtering tool for WordPress, which would meet the needs of both site visitors and site administrators as well as SEO experts.

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That’s why while developing the plugin, I researched and took into account the experience of the world’s most popular online stores and implemented it in WordPress. We also talked a lot with SEO experts throughout the process.

I can’t see the button that opens the bottom widget on mobile.

It should appear automatically on WooCommerce pages. But on other pages, you have to set the do_action () hook to display it. Please read this manual. This is annoying at the moment, but it looks like I’ll add a shortcode for this button in the next update.

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