English Grammar Test Practice Online English Grammar MCQs
English Grammar Test Practice Online English Grammar MCQs

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He is used to _____ cricket.
A. play
B. played
C. playing
D. plays
Antonym of “Revenge” is _____________.
A. vengeance
B. retribution
C. pardon
D. payback
E. reprisal
Admin is capable ______ doing anything.
A. about
B. of
C. on
D. in
Antonym of “labor” is ___________.
A. amuse
B. surrender
C. rest
D. strive
Passive Voice of  “I saw him leaving the house” is _________________.
A. Leaving the house he was seen by me.
B. He was seen leaving the house by me.
C. He had been seen leaving the house.
D. He was seen to be leaving the house.
Asim has been fully cured _______ the chronic pain in his legs.
A. from
B. by
C. of
D. with
Antonym of “famous” is ___________.
A. poor
B. obscure
C. untalented
D. boring
I was astonished _____ his failure.
A. In
B. At
C. On
D. For
I was amazed ________ his misbehavior.
A. In
B. At
C. For
D. With
Passive Voice of “The boy did not break the glass” is ______________________.
A. The glass was not broken by the boy.
B. The glass has not been broken by the boy.
C. The glass is not broken by the boy.
D. The glass had not been broken by the boy.
Synonym of “glare” is _____________.
A. scowl
B. hide
C. display
D. summon
Change the narration. Sana said, “I have already written a letter to my family.”
A. Sana said that she has already written a letter to her family.
B. Sana said that she has already been written a letter to her family.
C. Sana said that she had already written a letter to her family.
D. Sana said that she had already been written a letter to her family.
Passive Voice of “None likes him” is ___________________.
A. He has not been liked by anyone.
B. He was not liked by anyone.
C. He is liked by none.
D. He is not liked by anyone.
He is responsible _______the president for his decisions.
A. for
B. of
C. to
D. with
Synonym of “pococurante” is ___________.
A. native
B. hot
C. blase
D. hidden
Synonym of “knack” is _____________.
A. bruise
B. ability
C. keepsake
D. scoundrel
Aqsa is travelling __________ the school.
A. off
B. to
C. towards
D. through
Change the narration. I asked him where he would stay.
A. I said to him “Where you will stay?“
B. I asked him “Where will you stay?”
C. I said to him “Where I will stay ?”
D. I said to him “Where will I stay?”
Synonym of “escarpment” is __________.
A. warning
B. cliff
C. campsite
D. tomb
“Feel blue” means _________?
A. Feel Sad
B. Feel happy
C. Feel energetic
D. Feel angry
“Fender bender” means ________ ?
A.  A mammoth car accident
B.  A Huge car accident
C.  A small car accident
D.  A major car accident
“Go Dutch” means _______ ?
A. One person paying for everyone
B. share the cost of something, especially a meal, equally
C. Enjoy two different opportunities at the same time
D. To do something badly or cheaply
He is getting out __________ the car.
A.  from
B.  to
C.  of
D. through
Antonym of DWARF is _____________?
A. Giant
B. Tiny
C. Huge
D. Enormous
I am looking for admission __________ in a government or private university.
A. both
B. until
C. either
D. neither
Change the narration. He said, ”The sun is stationary”.
A. He said that the sun is stationary.
B. He said that the sun was stationary.
C. He said the sun is stationary.
D. None of these
Plural of ” theif ” is ___________.
A. Thiefs
B. Thiefes
C. Thievse
D. Thieves
He is fond _______ drawing.
A. to
B. of
C. in
D. on
E. with
I am sick _____ job.
A. from
B. with
C. of
D. by
One who walks on ropes is called ______.
A. Aviator
B. Acrobat
C. Funambulist
D. Upholsterer
Antonym of PACIFIC is _____________?
A. Aggressive
B. Peaceful
C. Hawkish
D. Discordant
Change the narration. You said, “They were busy the whole day.”
A.  You said that they had busy the whole day.
B.  You said that they were busy the whole day.
C.  You said that they had been busy the whole day.
D.  You said that they have been busy the whole day.
Antonym of SINGULAR is _____________?
A. Common
B. Social
C. Dull
D. Ancient
Antonym of TACITURN is _____________?
A. Judge
B. Garrulous
C. Immense
D. Silent
Antonym of SCURRILOUS is_____________?
A. Abusive
B. Ribald
C. Decent
D. Mitigate
Find the correct spelling for the words below.
A.  Harrass
B.  Harass
C.  Harras
D.  Herrass
Find the correct spelling for the words below.
A.  Supercede
B.  Supersede
C.  Superceed
D.  Superceede
Amna was engaged _________ Asim.
A.  with
B.  from
C.  to
D.  None
Synonym of “dormant” is _______________.
A. animated
B. hibernating
C. active
D. vigorous
E. bird-like
Synonym of “accolade” is ______________.
A.  balcony
B.  outer garment
C.  drink
D.  honor
E.   fruit
“Black and blue” _____________ ?
A.  Full of bruises
B.  A poor plan
C. False sense of happiness or success
D. Something that is not understandable
“A litmus test” means __________ ?
A.  A decisively indicative test
B.  False sense of happiness or success
C.  Something that is not understandable
D.  To show dislike or disappointment through facial expressions
“Icing (also frosting) on the cake” means ________?
A. An ugly but essential addition or enhancement
B. An ugly & inessential removal or diminution
C. Be very expensive
D. An attractive but inessential addition or enhancement
“when pigs fly” means ______?
A. something that is easy to do
B. raining very heavily
C. something that will never happen or is impossible
D. miss the chance
“Raining cats and dogs” means _________?
A. Raining very heavily
B. Easy option
C. Very rarely
D. one who presents a counter argument
The synonym of “FIASCO” is ________.?
A. care
B. love
C. failure
D. careless
She prepares herself a note. What is ” herself ” according to grammar?
A. Relative Pronoun
B. Emphatic Pronoun
C. Distributive Pronoun
D. Reflexive Pronoun
“Keep at bay” means ______________.
A.  Keep in mind
B.  Keep at a distance
C.  Keep thinking about something
D.  Keep at the sea-shore
They are enjoying swimming.  What is ” swimming ” according to grammar?
A.  Verb
B.  Adjective
C.  Noun
D.  Adverb
A person who wastes his money on luxury is__________?
A. Luxuriant
B. Luxurious
C. Extravagant
D. Stingy
Synonym of ” inane ” is ______________.
A.  lifeless
B.  senseless
C.  hopeless
D.  faithless
E.  crazy
Synonym of “cryptic” is ____________.
A.  obscure
B.  written
C.  copied
D.  dead
E.  puzzling
He says, ” They will hurt you”.
A.  He said to me that they will hurt me.
B.  He said to me that they would be hurt me.
C.  He said to me that they would hurt you.
D.  He said to me that they would hurt me.
A doctor who treats children is called __________.
A.  Pedophile
B.  Fatalist
C.  Pediatrician
D.  Pedagogue
He met a man who lived in USA last year. What is ” who ” according to grammar here?
A.  Interrogative Pronoun
B.  Distributive Pronoun
C.  Relative Pronoun
D.  Reciprocal Pronoun
A person who is unable to pay his debts is called ___________.
A.  Borrower
B.  Insolvent
C.  Lender
D.  Allen
“At the drop of the hat” means____________?
A.  As soon as it was spoken
B.  Done easily, without any preparation
C.  Done in an instant
D.  After something is done
“Your guess is as good as mine” means __________?
A.  Join a popular trend or activity
B.  To hear something from the authoritative source
C.  To know the answer
D.  To have no idea
“Far cry from” means __________?
A.  To present a counter argument
B.  To take on a task that is way to big
C.  The show has come to an end. It’s all over
D.  Very different from
“Wild goose chase” _________?
A.  A foolish and hopeless search for or pursuit of something unattainable
B. To take credit for something someone else did
C. To not take what someone says too seriously; to treat someone’s words with a degree of skepticism
D. A phrase implying that one is not proficient at performing a particular task and that they should not try to perform the task professionally
“Spill the beans” ________ ?
A.  Frivolously performing a simple task
B.  Reveal someone’s secret
C.  To stop something at an early stage
D.  Frivolously performing a simple task
“Get your goat” means _____?
A.  To pacify someone
B.  To irritate someone
C.  To soothe someone
D.  To Hug someone
“Drop a dime” means ________?
A.  To be an informant
B.  Almost free. Very cheap
C.  To stop something at an early stage
D.  To leave
“Chew the fat” means __________?
A.  To action a task; to initiate work
B.  To become silent; to stop talking
C.  To take offense; to get worked up, aggravated, or annoyed
D.  To chat idly or generally waste time talking
“Bird Brain” means _____?
A.  A person that is not too smart; a person that acts stupid
B.  A person that is too smart; a person that acts Sharp
C.  A person that is too lazy; a person that acts dull
D.  A person that too angry; a person that acts hastly
“Best of both worlds” means ________?
A.  A phrase implying that a person is never satisfied with their current situation; they think others have it better
B.  People’s intentions can be judged better by what they do than by what they say
C.  A situation wherein someone has the privilege of enjoying two different opportunities
D.  Just the information I have on the subject
“Beating a dead horse” means ________?
A.  To uselessly dwell on a subject far beyond its point of resolution
B.  An obvious, pressing issue left unaddressed due to its sensitive nature.
C.  To speak the truth, even to the point of being blunt and rude
D.  To work late into the night, alluding to the time before electric lighting
“Basket case” _______?
A. An area of vulnerability
B. Narrowly; barely. Usually used in regard to a narrow escape from a disaster
C. To treat a topic, but omit its main points, often intentionally or to delay or avoid talking about something difficult or unpleasant
D. One made powerless or ineffective, as by nerves, panic, or stress
“Apple of discord” means ______?
A.  Anything causing trouble, discord, or jealousy
B.  A person that is not too smart; a person that acts stupid
C.  To further a loss with sarcasm or indignity; to worsen an unfavorable situation
D.  To speak the truth, even to the point of being blunt and rude
“An arm and a leg” means _________?
A. Full throttle; at maximum speed
B. Very cheap or inexpensive. A little amount of money
C. Very expensive or costly. A large amount of money
D. One made powerless or ineffective, as by nerves, panic, or stress
“Elephant in the room” means _________?
A. An obvious, pressing issue left unaddressed due to its sensitive nature
B. In good physical health
C. Someone can perceive things and events that are outside of their field of vision
D. You learned something through means of a rumor
“Achilles’ heel” means ________?
A. To action a task; to initiate work
B. A metaphor for a fatal weakness in spite of overall strength
C. A hidden or secret strength, or unrevealed advantage
D. To endure a painful or unpleasant situation that is unavoidable
“Ace in the hole” means __________?
A. A hidden or secret strength, or unrevealed advantage
B. A metaphor for a fatal weakness in spite of overall strength
C. Anything causing trouble, discord, or jealousy
D. Without any hesitation; instantly
“A hot potato” means _________?
A. The one tiny drawback that ruins it
B. To go to bed to sleep
C. To find fault with something that has been received as a gift or favor
D. A controversial issue or situation that is awkward or unpleasant to deal with
A bitter pill means ___________?
A. Anything causing trouble, discord, or jealousy
B. A controversial issue or situation that is awkward or unpleasant to deal with
C. A situation or information that is unpleasant but must be accepted
D. When an attempt fails, and it’s time to start planning all over again
Choose the correct spelling for the words below.
A. Perseverance
B. Persevarance
C. Perceverence
D. Perseverence
“Like a sitting duck” means________________?
A. Lazy
B. Fat
C. Sleepy
D. Ignorant
Always try to be polite _____ others.
A.  with
B.  to
C.  for
D.  on
Fear of heights is________?
A. Highphobia
B. Altophobia
C. Heliophobia
D. Acrophobia
My father said to me, ” You must work hard”.
A.  My father said to me that I must work hard.
B.  My father said to me that you must work hard.
C.  My father said to me that I had to work hard.
D.  My father said to me that I have to work hard.
Which form of verb is usually used in “Passive Sentences”?
A. First Form
B.  Second Form
C. Third Form
D.  None
Mother said, “Where are you going? “
A.  Mother said me where I am going.
B.  Mother said to me where are you going.
C.  Mother asked where I was going.
D.  Mother asked me where I am going.
It was he who “put a spoke in my wheel”.
A. tried to cause an accident
B. helped in the execution of the plan
C. thwarted in the execution of the plan
D. destroyed the plan
Do no trust a man who “blows his own trumpet”
A. flatters
B. praises others
C. admonishes others
D. praises himself
In the armed forces, it is considered a great privilege to “die in harness”.
A. die on a horse back
B. die in the battlefield
C. die while still working
D. die with honour
He “passed himself off” as a noble man.
A. Was regarded as
B. Pretended to be
C. Was thought to be
D. Was looked upon
I met him after a long time, but he gave me “the cold shoulder”.
A. scolded me
B. insulted me
C. abused me
D. ignored me
He could be easily arrested because the police were tipped off in a advance. tipped off means _____________?
A. Toppled over
B. Bribed
C. Given advance information
D. Threatened
To set one’s face against __________?
A. To oppose with determination
B. To judge by appearance
C. To get out of difficulty
D. To look at one steadily
To hit the nail right on the head _______?
A. To say something that is exactly right or completely true
B. To destroy one’s reputation
C. To announce one’s fixed views
D. To teach someone a lesson
To smell a rat _______?
A. To see signs of plague epidemic
B. To get bad small of a bad dead rat
C. To suspect foul dealings
D. To be in a bad mood
A man of straw _________?
A. A man of no substance
B. A very active person
C. A worthy fellow
D. An unreasonable person
To leave someone in the lurch _________?
A. To come to compromise with someone
B. Constant source of annoyance to someone
C. To put someone at ease
D. To desert someone in his difficulties
To pick holes _________?
A. To find some reason to quarrel
B. To destroy something
C. To criticize someone
D. To cut some part of an item
To put one’s hand to plough __________?
A. To take up agricultural farming
B. To take a difficult task
C. To get entangled into unnecessary things
D. Take interest in technical work
To end in smoke ________?
A. To make completely understand
B. To ruin oneself
C. To excite great applause
D. To overcome someone
To cry wolf __________?
A. To listen eagerly
B. To give false alarm
C. To turn pale
D. To keep off starvation
To have an axe to grind ___________?
A. A private end to serve
B. To fail to arouse interest
C. To have no result
D. To work for both sides
Synonym of “adipose” is _____________ ?
A. liquid
B. weighty
C. major
D. fatty 
To make clean breast of ________?
A. To gain prominence
B. To praise oneself
C. To confess without of reserve
D. To destroy before it blooms
He opened a current account _______ the bank last week.
A.  in
B.  at
C.  on
D.  into
That which is no longer in use?
A. Obsolete
B. Obscure
C. inviolable
D. extampore
“Hornet’s nest” means:___________?
A. A bee’s house
B. A violent situation
C. A  good situation
D. A dangerous place
“Never-never land” means:_____________?
A.  An ideal pace
B.  Dream land
C.  A worthless place
D.  A useless situation
“Cap it all” means:____________?
A.  To cover everything
B.  To seize everything
C.  To finish
D.  To occur
______ stood _____ the burning house.
A. A girl          on
B. The girl   on
C. A girl           in
D. Girl             in
Your face is very familiar _______ him.
A. from
B. with
C. of
D. to
It was so nice _______ them.
A. by
B. with
C. of
D. to
He is indifferent _______ his words.
A. at
B. on
C. of
D. to
Parents were very surprised _______ his result.
A. on
B. from
C. at
D. about
There is no possibility of  _______ coming late.
A. them
B. they
C. theirs
D. their
I feel sorry _______ his kids.
A: to
B: at
C: for
D: over
I did not know where he _________ from.
A. has come
B. had come
C. have come
D. comes
It will rain soon,  _________?
A. will it
B. won’t it 
C. would it
D. wouldn’t it
She always keeps on _________ dramas.
A. watch
B. watched
C. watching
D. watches
He is good at ________ English.
A. spoken
B. speaking
C. speak
D. spoke
I knew he ____ fail in exam.
A. shall
B. will
C. would
D. both A & B
Prime Minister leaves ______ UK on Monday.
A. to
B. by
C. for
D. none
She is scared ______ snake.
A. from
B. with
C. of
D. by
She is totally obedient ____ him.
A. of
B. to
C. both A & B
D. None
I told him _____ play cricket.
A. don’t
B. to not
C. not to
D. didn’t
Congregational prayer is superior __________ optional prayer.
A. from
B. to
C. of
D. than
The doctor warms him that unless he gives up smoking:_____________________(PMS 2018 KPK)
A. His health will soon be recovered
B. He will not recover
C. Will he able to recover
D. He will not suffer
Unless you work very hard, _______________ (PMS 2018 KPK)
A. You are not being successful
B. You will not be successful
C. You ought to be successful
D. You be not successful
He is good _______ football.
A. in
B. on
C. with
D. at
She is jealous ______ my friend.
A. from
B. with
C. of 
D. by
The synonym of ” Irreverenced” is ____________ ?
A. Honor
B. Wrong
C. Disrespect
D. Appease
The synonym of “Panacea” is____________?
A. Morbidity
B. Cure-all
C. Portray
D. Insight
The synonym of “Colossal” is__________?
A. colourful
B. gigantic
C. fantastic
D. bias
The synonym of  “Perpetual” is ________?
A. Garrulous
B. Sneak
C. Everlasting
D. Liberal
Pull your socks up:
A. To get ready
B. To finish
C. To start
D. To improve
An act of speaking one’s thoughts aloud when by oneself or regardless of any hearers, especially by a character in a play:
A. Sinecure
B. Soliloquy
C. Pessimist
D. Philanthropist
One who collects coins as hobby:
A. Philatelist
B. Ornithologist
C. Statistician
D. Numismatist
To examine one’s own thoughts and feelings:
A. Meditation
B. Retrospection
C. Reflection
D. Introspection
Use of force or threats to get someone to agree to something:
A. Coercion
B. Conviction
C. Confession
D. Cajolement
A disease that spreads over a large area:
A. Academic
B. Epidemic
C. Incorrigible
D. Invincible
That which can never be believed:
A. Irrevocable
B. Inevitable
C. Incredible
D. Irritable
One who able to use the right and left hands equally well:
A. Sinister
B. Ambidextrous
C. Ambivalent
D. Amateur
Government by rich:
A. Oligarchy
B. Aristocracy
C. Pantisocracy
D. Plutocracy
An independent person or body officially appointed to settle a dispute:
A. Arbiter
B. Mediator
C. Agent provocateur
D. Arbitrator
One who has good taste for food:
A. Gourmet
B. Curator
C. Parasite
D. Stoic
An unmarried woman, typically an older woman beyond the usual age for marriage:
A. Spinster
B. Artist
C. Bachelor
D. Misanthrope
A person who pretends to have more knowledge or skill than he really has:
A. Crook
B. Apotheosis
C. Renegade
D. Charlatan
A pioneer of a reform movement:
A. Apostle
B. Apothecary
C. Apotheosis
D. Renegade
Custom of having many wives:
A. Misogamy
B. Bigamy
C. Polygamy
D. Monogamy
International destruction of racial groups:
A. Matricide
B. Regicide
C. Genocide
D. Homicide
A remedy for all diseases:
A. Narcotics
B. Antiseptic
C. Panacea
D. Lyric
A man who rarely speaks the truth:
A. Crook
B. Liar
C. Scoundrel
D. Hypocrite
A disease which spreads by contact:
A. Incurable
B. Infectious
C. Contagious
D. Fatal
A person who is indifferent to pains and pleasure of life:
A. Stoic
B. Sadist
C. Psychiatrist
D. Aristocrat
The murder of Brother:
A. Homicide
B. Regicide
C. Fratricide
D. Suicide
One who cannot easily pleased:
A. Cosmopolitan
B. Frightening
C. Fastidious
D. Feminist
A person who loves everybody:
A. Cosmopolitan
B. Fratricide
C. Altruist
D. Aristocrat
One who believes in the power of fate:
A. Fatalist
B. Optimist
C. Pessimist
D. Parsimonious
A sad song:
A. Ditty
B. Knell
C. Dirge
D. Lay
Story of old time gods or heroes is:
A. Lyric
B. Epic
C. Legend
D. Romance
A lady’s umbrella is:
A. Parasol
B. Granary
C. Epitaph
D. Aviary
Person who does not believe in the existence of God:
A. Theist
B. Heretic
C. Atheist
D. Fanatic
Commencement of words with the same letter:
A. Pun
B. Alliteration
C. Transferred epithet
D. Oxymoron
A hater of knowledge and learning:
A. Bibliophile
B. Philologist
C. Misogynist
D. Misologist
One who abandons his religious faith:
A. Apostate
B. Prostate
C. Profane
D. Agnostic
A person who renounces the world and practices self-discipline in order to attain salvation:
A. Sceptic
B. Ascetic
C. Devotee
D. Antiquarian
Beowulf is an Old English epic poem consisting of __________ alliterative lines.
A. 3,182
B. 4,182
C. 5,182
D. 6,182
The earliest surviving work in English Literature is ___________?
A. The Grave
B. Cædmon’s Hymn
C. Peterborough Chronicle
D. Beowulf
Earth is closest to the sun every year in early ______________, when it’s winter for the Northern Hemisphere. We’re farthest away from the sun in early __________________, during our Northern Hemisphere summer.
A. January – July
B. June – December
C. July – January
D. December – June
I _____ an old friend in Empress market this morning.
A. came around
B. came round
C. came across
D. came with
Nothing must be allowed to _____ our search for the truth.
A. interfered into
B. interfered from
C. interfered upon
D. interfered with
Our plan _____ to succeed.
A. bid fair
B. pass by
C. boil down
D. hand and galore
A. Courtesy : Manners
B. Salutation : Flag
C. Protest : Resentment
D. Trial : Error
Complete the following sentence: No sooner did the thief see the policeman _____________.
A. he ran away
B. he had run away
C. when he ran away
D. than he ran away
What is synonyms of word Nightmare?
A. Story
B. Journey
C. Incubus
D. Owl
Pick the correct response from following sentence “In the beginning he worked honestly but later he turned __________________ to be a cheat”
A. Out
B. Up
C. For
D. In
As he was not prepared for making a speech , he broke ______________ in the middle.
A. of
B. off
C. in
D. into
Complete the following sentence:  The doctor advised the patient ______________________
A. that no to neglect his health
B. to not to neglect his health
C. not to neglect his health
D. don’t neglect your health
I dont agree with you; I think_______________________________?
A. it is fairly good film
B. it is rather a good film
C. it is rather fairly good film
D. it is fairly rather good film
I enquired of him __________________________________?
A. whether if he wants to join the course
B. if he did want to join the course
C. if he wants to join the course
D. if he wanted to join the course
He exclaimed with shock __________________________________?
A. that it was a very tragic accident
B. that it is a tragic accident
C. that it was a tragic accident
D. it was a tragic accident
What is antonyms of word Restoration?
A. Lexicon
B. Balm
C. Hoarding
D. Depredation
What is synonyms of word Pedigree_____?
A. Ladder
B. Kernel
C. Lineage
D. Facet
Because of oil crisis, the prices of commodities are looking ______________?
A. at
B. on
C. up
D. to
Synonym of “Mano a Mano”
A. Hand to hand
B. Street to street
C. District to district
D. City to city
I am astonished _____ his behaviour.
A. To
B. From
C. With
D. On
“Profligate” Antonym _________?
A. Wildly extravagant
B. Dissolute
C. Dissipated
D. Thrifty
“Reading” quickly and well requires practice. The “Reading” word is a/an ___________.
A. Infinitive
B. Verb
C. Gerund
D. present Participle
Choose the correct sentence:
A. I have a decent house to live
B. I have decent house to live in
C. I have a decent houses to live in
D. I have decent houses to live
Choose the correct spelling:
A. Brutility
B. Brutality
C. Brutelity
D. Brutilety
What does the word ‘CASCADE’ means?
A. Entagle
B. Waterfall
C. Small boat
D. Garden
Adnan is “very different about” passing the Civil Services Examination this year.
A. Dead sure of
B. Very hopeful of
C. Lacking self confidence about
D. Reasonably certain of
It was he who put “a spoke in my wheel”.
A. tried to cause an accident
B. helped in the execution of the plan
C. thwarted in the execution of the plan
D. destroyed the plan
Plough a lonely furrow means______________________?
A. remain unaffected
B. do without the help of others
C. survive in isolation
D. remain non-aligned
He is “out and out” a reactionary.
A. no more
B. thoroughly
C. in favour of
D. deadly against
Synonym of Shelve_____________________?
A. cancel
B. discuss
C. reconsider
D. postpone
The decision did not appear to “hold out” bright prospects.
A. highlight
B. show
C. offer
D. promise
Stew in ones own juice means_________________?
A. To fight with his mind
B. To destroy his memory
C. Suffer in his own juice
D. Suffer for his own act
Play to the gallery means___________?
A. advertise
B. cater to the public taste
C. attempt to appeal to popular taste
D. depend upon the public for approval
He is using “backstairs influence” to sort out his matter.
A. Political influence
B. Backing influence
C. Deserving and proper influence
D. Secret and unfair influence
He was undecided. He “let the grass grow under his feet”.
A. loitered around
B. stayed out
C. sat unmoving
D. moved away
This matter has been “hanging fire” for the last many days. It should be sorted out.
A. going on slowly
B. hotly debated
C. stuck up
D. ignored
The boxing match proved to be a “big draw”.
A. a keen contest
B. a huge attraction
C. a lovely spectacle
D. a game without any result
Synonym of Chastity________?
A. To abstain from sexual relation
B. To engulf in sexual relation
C. To whip someone
D. To infertile someone
Synonym of Trail_________?
A. To chase
B. To fix
C. To divert
D. To disturb
Synonym of Canny_____________?
A. Clever
B. thin
C. Fast
D. Slow
Synonym of Prolix______________?
A. To Promote
B. To Prolong
C. To proactive
D. To Provide
Synonym of Wheedle ___________________?
A. Fast
B. Cajole
C. Waive
D. Slander
Synonym of Bonhomie______________?
A. Affability
B. Big
C. Turbulent
D. Grope
Synonym of Scrumptious _____________?
A. Tasty
B. Old
C. Filthy
D. Bumpy
Synonym of TRITE_____________?
A. Minor
B. Sad
C. Commonplace
D. Swindler
Modern industry abounds _____ opportunities for young people with good scientific qualifications.
A. In
B. For
C. Into
D. With
The players agreed to abide _____ the referee’s decision.
A. With
B. By
C. In
D. Into
He was abstained _______ salted food by the doctor.
A. From
B. For
C. In
D. To
Synonyms of CAMEO
A. Funny character
B. Minor role
C. Type of Fiction
D. Sharp tool
Synonym of GAUNT
A. Weighty
B. Bony
C. Fatty
D. Big statement
Synonym of MEEK
A. Tame
B. Stingy
C. Jab
D. Frail
Synonym of GINGERLY
A. Cautiously
B. Retrospectively
C. Hectically
D. Carelessly
Synonym of SHAM
A. Fake
B. Deplorable
C. Purse
D. Robust
Oh there goes the front door bell – oh it’s you! I might have___________.
A. Thought
B. Believed
C. Considered
D. Guessed
Don’t__________ – I’ll see you very soon.
A. Concern
B. Care
C. Worry
D. Mind
Well, this is very interesting but I am very___________.
A. Busy
B. Occupied
C. Hurried
D. Active
I’ve already told you I’m in the____________?
A. Place
B. Area
C. Spot
D. Location
Tell me, where are you at the____________?
A. Time
B. Second
C. Hour
D. Moment
Well, I did__________a lot of money on it.
A. Dispense
B. Pass
C. Spend
D. Dispose
You_________very clear.
A. Sound
B. Ring
C. Hear
D. Noise
Not really. I’m quite____________?
A. Nearer
B. Near
C. Next
D. Nearly
Oh yes. Are you_________Away?
A. Distant
B. Long
C. Far
D. Quite
I am just____________out my new mobile.
A. Trying
B. Probing
C. Testing
D. Finding
Drugs addicts in Pakistan are_________ in special centers set up by the Government.
A. Consolidated
B. Consulted
C. Inhabited
D. Indoctrinated
Synonym of Hermetic is _____________?
A. Airtight
B. Imitate
C. Unsettled
D. Open
Antonym of Facetious is _____________?
A. Teasing
B. Serious
C. Tongue-in-check
D. Copy
To play fast and loose ___________?
A. To beguile others
B. To be winning sometimes and losing at other
C. To play with someone’s feeling
D. To play tricks
One who eats everything_________?
A. Insolvent
B. Irrestible
C. Omnivorous
D. Omniscient
Fear of disease__________?
A. Ochlophobia
B. Paedophobia
C. Pathophobia
D. Peniophobia
Extreme fear about beauty___________?
A. Claustrophobia
B. Cynophobia
C. Cellophobia
D. Chronophobia
The art of making fireworks is called________?
A. Chromatics
B. Cosmogony
C. Cosmography
D. Cosmology
Fear of death __________?
A. Toxicophobia
B. Theophobia
C. Scelerophobia
D. Thanatophobia
Fear of darkness ______________?
A. Nyctophobia
B. Ophthalmophobia
C. Magalomania
D. Mysophobia
My Uncle has ______to spain and returned back.
A. gone
B. went
C. been
D. being
Jameel, who has been nervous and jumpy lately, suddenly burst ________ tears.
A. into
B. in
C. on
D. with
South Africa brushed ___________ the threat of tougher economic sanctions.
A. of
B. off
C. down
D. about
i think we are agreed on the main points. Does anyone want to bring ________ anything further.
A. Around
B. Down
C. About
D. Up
Synonym of Triumph is _____________?
A. Victory
B. Victim
C. Violence
D. Its Name of US President
Antonym of Harmonious is _____________?
A. Peacful
B. Hostile
C. Dominant
D. Tuneful
Antonym of Elastic is _____________?
A. Yielding
B. Rigid
C. Mold-able
D. Supple
Synonym of Cajole is _____________?
A. Flattery
B. Embezzle
C. Knowledge
D. Satiate
Synonym of Cordial is _____________?
A. Unpleasant
B. Pleasant
C. Heart
D. Love
I am not concerned________his affairs.
A. To
B. With
C. At
D. on
She deprived her husband__________all he had.
A. With
B. To
C. Of
D. from
Choose the correct meaning of ENERVATE.
A. Weaken
B. Strengthen
C. Energetic
D. Excite
Synonym of ABATE is _____________?
A. Postpone
B. Abandon
C. Diminish
D. Increase
The idiom Hobson’s choice means________?
A. The choice of teachers
B. Given choice
C. No choice at all
D. Choice to live or die
The Master was annoyed_________the servant.
A. To
B. With
C. On
D. Upon
lthough he was a hardened criminal, his one__________feature was his love of children
A. Saving
B. Recovering
C. Redeeming
D. Acquiring
I never miss a football match.I __________ fond of it since my childhood.
A. Am
B. Have been
C. Has been
D. Will be
The antonym of Mammoth is___________?
A. Big
B. Giant
C. Small
D. Low
The Synonym of Puerile is______________?
A. Mature
B. Immature
C. purity
D. power
The Synonyms of CONDONE is__________?
A. Accept
B. Acceptable
C. Condomn
D. Condemn
The Synonym of ‘snollygoster’ is_________?
A. Unprincipled politician
B. Sneak
C. Garrulous
D. None of above
The Synonym of Farrago is_____________?
A. Fear of strangers
B. A confused mixture
C. Free of cost
D. Synopsis
The Synonyms of OBSTINATE is____________?
A. Agree
B. Scorn
C. Stubborn
D. Soft
The antonyms of Stale is____________?
A. Old
B. Fresh
C. Tale
D. Break
The Synonyms of Disdain is_____________?
A. love
B. Scorn
C. Accept
D. Luddite
The synonyms of Catastrophe is__________?
A. Built
B. Implement
C. Destruction
D. Fresh
When the doorbell rang, I was __________ my bath.
A. in
B. have
C. having
D. with
He ___________ as a teacher before he became a lecturer
A. have worked
B. had worked
C. was worked
D. have been worked
Our new digital photo-print machine, the manual ________is lost awaits to be set up properly.
A. of what
B. where
C. by whom
D. of which
__________ me to your mother when you are in London.
A. Tell
B. Remind
C. Remember
D. Greet
When I asked him ______ the keys , Bilal said he had no idea where they were.
A. if did he see
B. if he had seen
C. could he see
D. that he had seen
The boy I was about to meet _________ play a very important role in my life.
A. is going to
B. might have
C. would get to
D. has had to
The confusion __________ the discovery of the body made everybody lose track of time.
A. had caused
B. was caused by
C. had been caused by
D. caused by
Have you met Fatima? She is a friend of ____________.
A. my
B. my mother
C. my mother’s
D. me
He give a lecture in which he pointed ________ an error in the book.
A. by
B. with
C. out
D. in
The situation in the factory _________)no signs of improvement, as the ongoing strike entered second day.
A. displayed
B. exposed
C. showed
D. view
I usually have bread and butter for breakfast, but yesterday I _________ pasta.
A. have been
B. had been
C. have
D. had
Make only a few rules for students that emphasize ____________behaviour.
A. correct
B. fitting
C. appropriate
D. useful
It’s about time you ___________exercising regularly.
A. start
B. started
C. should start
D. will start
Can you help ________up the mess?
A. clear
B. with clear
C. to clearing
D. me clearing
The deadline was nearby, so Mrs. Jamal had her students’________their essays.
A. complete
B. to complete
C. completing
D. completed
Javed, two of___________brothers attend primary school, wishes to be a school teacher after his graduation from the University.
A. whom
B. them
C. whose
D. which
She lived ___________juice for ten days to slim down for the fashion show.
A. with
B. by
C. in
D. off
My husband asked him if he’d ever been convicted ___________a crime.
A. with
B. of
C. by
D. on
The department head insisted that he _________absolute authority to regulate office work.
A. gives
B. is given
C. would give
D. would be given
She has been supporting her family ________her husband’s death.
A. on
B. at
C. from
D. since
There is something wonderful ___________him.
A. of
B. about
C. for
D. inside
Could I have a ______-of chocolate?
A. block
B. bar
C. slice
D. piece
Four independent__________testified to seeing him at the scene of the crime.
A. person
B. witnesses
C. spectator
D. attestant
May I give you_________advice?
A. an
B. some
C. little
D. one
There ___________any message from my teacher since she moved to London.
A. isn’t
B. wasn’t
C. hasn’t been
D. hadn’t been
If everything goes according to __________, work will be complete in December.
A. timing
B. time
C. schedule
D. lineup
Please ___________two colour passport photographs to the application form.
A. fix
B. link
C. hook up
D. attach
He shows great ability ________Mathematics.
A. at
B. for
C. about
D. in
The sparrows took no _________the bread.
A. notice of
B. notice about
C. notice from
D. notice to
The powers of the party are_____________in several places in the Constitution.
A. numbered
B. named
C. enumerated
D. counted
The teacher found many mistakes in my composition, when she went__________it.
A. into
B. about
C. for
D. through
The fireman managed to put ____________the fire.
A. away
B. down
C. out
D. off
A system is __________if it is easy for citizens to access and understand.
A. transparent
B. lucid
C. clear
D. translucent
Did the boys turn _________for football practice?
A. up
B. on
C. back
D. in
Health__________labels have adorned cigarette packages since 1966 in USA.
A. information
B. note
C. message
D. warning
Some animals have unique___________that allow them to survive in extreme weather conditions.
A. characteristics
B. problems
C. feelings
D. conditions
What was the main__________behind london bombings.
A. aim
B. motive
C. objective
D. purpose
There was an_________response for the marathon.
A. overwhelming
B. overriding
C. excessive
D. extreme
I would really ____________if you could help me out.
A. respect
B. value
C. appreciate
D. regard
A speed limit is the___________legal speed that you can travel on the road.
A. highest
B. biggest
C. maximum
D. longest
Ali must have the________to stick to his diet, if he wants to lose weight.
A. obstinacy
B. determination
C. decision
D. obligation
Although he had no ____________injuries, doctors found that he was suffering from internal bleeding.
A. outside
B. external
C. outlying
D. exterior
________weight gain or weight loss is not good for your body.
A. Explosive
B. Excessive
C. Expressive
D. Extensive
Water is made up of two __________ , namely oxygen and hydrogen.
A. section
B. aspects
C. solutions
D. elements
Mr. and Mrs. Khan go for a ________ walk just before dinner.
A. vibrant
B. brisk
C. vivacious
D. slow
A Computer is hard to repair as there may be hundreds of different ____________?
A. parts
B. objects
C. components
D. materials
We shall go for a picnic if the weather ____________good.
A. is
B. was
C. has been
D. had been
In the test, we will ____________your work and then give you detailed feedback.
A. assess
B. judge
C. measure
D. check
The smoke went ________ the chimney.
A. by
B. in
C. up
D. on
She has only ________friends.
A. fewer
B. less
C. more
D. a few
He wore multiple bracelets on __________hand.
A. every
B. each
C. either
D. neither
I _________ to Islamabad with some friends last night.
A. have gone
B. went
C. am gone
D. am going
Army ___________troubled places as curfew remained in force.
A. moving
B. walking
C. patrolling
D. running
____________you hear the President’s speech?
A. Have
B. Has
C. Had
D. Did
How much longer__________this book?
A. you are needing
B. will you be needing
C. will you have needing
D. have you needing
He decided to __________his degree examination in order to get a higher score.
A. redo
B. reappear
C. rewrite
D. remake
The news was__________good to be true.
A. very
B. too
C. so
D. as
The speaker did not properly space out his speech, but went on ___________one point only.
A. stressing
B. avoiding
C. devoting
D. decrying
How did these things come __________?
A. about
B. into
C. at
D. down
Macbeth’s desire _________ power brought about his downfall
A. in
B. for
C. with
D. as
The worker used __________ to patch up the hole in the wall.
A. sand
B. cement
C. soil
D. grass
The agenda for the meeting is __________ the notice
A. forwarded in
B. subscribed to
C. enclosed with
D. delivered as
I am exhausted, let’s _________a day.
A. call it
B. call at
C. call off
D. call in
It’s difficult __________reconcile such different points of view.
A. with
B. to
C. in
D. on
Many people reported ___________a noise in the night.
A. to hear
B. having heard
C. to have heard
D. been hearing
The colour of the walls in my room has faded _______.
A. in
B. with
C. away
D. on
The flight stewardess the passenger _____________.
A. when to start travelling
B. where to land the plane
C. how to fasten the seat belt
D. how to judge the altitude of the plane
I ____________a single word he says
A. not believe
B. don’t believe
C. am not believing
D. will not believe
She made her stepson her _______to her large fortune.
A. hare
B. heir
C. hair
D. here
The girl ran ___________the field when she saw her father after long time.
A. in
B. across
C. on
D. along
The Paralympics is a competition for the ______________.
A. disadvantaged
B. discouraged
C. disabled
D. despised
He has _________ his mind to Join Pak Army.
A. make by
B. made with
C. made by
D. made up
The farmers ____________their farms, if they had known that a thunderstorm was approaching.
A. will leave
B. would leave
C. will have left
D. would have left
I promise to ___________you in all circumstances.
A. stand up to
B. stand with
C. stand off
D. stand by
The problem ____________a lot of thought.
A. calls for
B. comes across
C. calls on
D. comes into
Do you prefer___________ or traditional art forms?
A. archaic
B. contemporary
C. foreign
D. simultaneous
It is already 8 o’clock. Can you _____ time to catch the bus?
A. have it in
B. have enough
C. make it in
D. made it
_________she is clever, she often makes mistakes.
A. Despite
B. Since
C. Although
D. Yet
It is certain that human beings _______________latent power of which they are only vaguely aware.
A. exhibit
B. possess
C. impose
D. knowledge
____________your instruction, we have closed your bank account.
A. In lieu
B. With regard to
C. In accordance with
D. On account of
He tends to___________to any suggestion I make in meetings.
A. differ
B. agree
C. accept
D. cooperate
My younger sister constantly misbehaves and is always causing ___________.
A. hostility
B. violence
C. mischief
D. courtesy
If you had followed the rules, you ____________disqualified.
A. will not be
B. would not be
C. will not have been
D. would not have been
The _________were arrested for illegally hunting the bears.
A. poachers
B. rangers
C. soldiers
D. villagers
________you leave now, you will be late.
A. Until
B. Till
C. Unless
D. Although
The man ___________down the road is my brother.
A. hurry
B. hurried
C. to hurry
D. hurrying
John said he __________to play at home.
A. would prefer
B. prefer
C. will prefer
D. had prefered
The housewife __________the cakes burning, and ran to switch off the oven.
A. smell
B. smells
C. smelt
D. smelling
If we go to the park, __________you like to come too ?
A. shall
B. are
C. would
D. am
When will you hand ____ your assignment?
A. in
B. back
C. down
D. into
I am very much __________to meet you.
A. delight
B. to delight
C. delighting
D. delighted
If I had helped him, he ____________drowned.
A. will not be
B. would not be
C. will not have
D. would not have 
He has many friends, but _________are good ones.
A. a few
B. few
C. the few
D. the some
_________the rain forests is very important, if we do not want the flora and fauna found there to become extinct.
A. Reserving
B. Destroying
C. Preserving
D. Maintaining
That was __________movie I have ever seen.
A. worse
B. the worst
C. most worst
D. bad
I assume ______________with me.
A. every one agreeing
B. that every one agrees
C. every one to agree
D. that every one to agree
There is quite tenuous evidence _________it.
A. with
B. at
C. for
D. must
The company let me ____ time off work.
A. take
B. taking
C. to take
D. took
___________you wake me up so early on a Sunday?
A. Could
B. Dare
C. Must
D. Will
Do not stay in the grasslands after dark, as some animals become _________when they see humans.
A. provoked
B. alerted
C. aggressive
D. threatened
My father was angry ________my failure.
A. in
B. on
C. with
D. at
She remained a __________all her life.
A. spinster
B. bachelor
C. unmarried
D. single
My brother is devoted _____________religion.
A. with
B. to
C. at
D. in
The lion sprang____________the buffaloes.
A. at
B. in
C. upon
D. on
The song in the play cannot be deleted as it is _________to the story.
A. intervened
B. innate
C. exacting
D. integral
After_____________smoking, they let the cigarette fall on the wood floor.
A. finished
B. finishing
C. had finished
D. finishes
There is something wonderful ____ him.
A. of
B. about
C. for
D. inside
He _________ in Pakistan.
A. live
B. lives
C. is living
D. living
The building is not safe and must be ___________down.
A. pull
B. pulling
C. pulled
D. pulls
He is blind _________ one eye.
A. in
B. of
C. to
D. with
I shall look _________ the matter.
A. in
B. about
C. into
D. after
I am very much ________ to meet you.
A. delight
B. to delight
C. delighting
D. delighted
All of us are devoted ________ one another.
A. of
B. at
C. to
D. with
The man __________ down the road is my brother.
A. hurry
B. hurried
C. to hurry
D. hurrying
It is already 5 o’clock. Can you _____ time to catch the bus?
A. have it in
B. have enough
C. make it in
D. made it
It is certain that human beings ______ latent power of which they are only vaguely aware
A. exhibit
B. possess
C. impose
D. knowledge
If we go to the park, ______ you like to come too ?
A. shall
B. are
C. would
D. am
Some people __________ to the officer against him about his mis-deeds
A. asked
B. complained
C. question
D. informed
The police forces have launched an operation to _______ out the kidnapped person
A. track
B. touch
C. nib
D. trace
If she is not interested, we will __________ the proposal.
A. vaccant
B. abandon
C. impulse
D. remove
There is something wonderful _______ him.
A. of
B. about
C. for
D. inside
The President’s speech was so ___________ that many people were persuaded to accept the need for change.
A. expressive
B. articulate
C. eloquent
D. calm
A speed limit is the _________ legal speed that you can travel on the road.
A. highest
B. biggest
C. maximum
D. longest
In the test, we will _________ your work and then give you detailed feedback.
A. assess
B. judge
C. measure
D. check
The speaker did not properly space out his speech, but went on _______ one point only.
A. stressing
B. avoiding
C. devoting
D. decrying
It’s difficult ______ reconcile such different points of view
A. with
B. to
C. in
D. on
I promise to ________ you in all circumstances
A. stand up to
B. stand with
C. stand off
D. stand by
A. Soldier : Crew
B. Grain : Bundle
C. Chicken : Brood
D. Bees : Heap
A. Cat : Playful
B. Horse : Runner
C. Vixen : Cute
D. Ant : Industrious
A. Body : Weigh
B. Silk : Cloth
C. Wood : Grains
D. Ornaments : Gold
A. Gulp : Sip
B. Confide : Tell
C. Hunt : Stalk
D. Step : Walk
A. Throne : Regal
B. Wrap : Ermine
C. Pen : Author
D. Crucifix : Religion
A. Injection : Disease
B. Vaccination : Body
C. Medicine : Cure
D. Teacher : Student
A. Patch : Quilt
B. Stain : Glass
C. Carve : Knife
D. Chase : Metal
A. Programme : Function
B. Performance : Ticket
C. Map : Scale
D. Footnote : Article
A. Hockey : Stick
B. Cricket : Bat
C. Skating : Rink
D. Football : Goal
A. Cockroach : Insect
B. Bedsheet : Bed
C. Pillow : Cushion
D. Mat : Floor
A. Philatelist : Stamps
B. Jeweller : Jewels
C. Cartographer : Maps
D. Geneticist : Chromosomes
A. diplomat : negotiation
B. misanthrope : cynicism
C. umpire : reconciliation
D. guru : respect
E. boor : sensitivity
A. unsuccessful : achieve
B. conscientious : shirk
C. compliant : yield
D. staid : laugh
E. amenable : argue
A. bias : judgment
B. exaggeration : deception
C. inducement : invitation
D. loquaciousness : talk
E. distortion : paraphrase
A. kindliness : animosity
B. anxiousness : apathy
C. boldness : strength
D. purposefulness : enthusiasm
E. fastidiousness : selectivity
A. epithet : correspond
B. oration : publish
C. conservation : expend
D. concession : placate
E. sentence : prosecute
conspire : plot
coincide : contradict
secrete : conceal
infiltrate : influence
frame : incriminate
A. expand : swell
B. descend : plummet
C. add : accelerate
D. cool : solidify
E. stretch : flex
A. violin : concerto
B. overture : musical
C. duet : ensemble
D. lyric : poem
E. aria : opera
A. meadow : soil
B. egg : bird
C. medium : bacterium
D. lair : predator
E. kernel : seed
A. immunity : vulnerable
B. habituation : inured
C. invigoration : stimulating
D. sleep : anesthetic
E. disinfection : preventive
A. rhetoric : persuasion
B. prevarication : truth
C. metaphor : description
D. repetition : boredom
E. conciliation : appeasement
A. aggravate : contemptuous
B. endorse : esteemed
C. extenuate : guilty
D. compliment : impressed
E. rationalize : modest
A. liar : facetious
B. dupe : gullible
C. commentator : caustic
D. judge : impartial
E. criminal : hostile
A. exculpate : victim
B. desecrate : shrine
C. recriminate : hero
D. redeem : honor
E. rescind : order
A. propose : stipulate
B. enlist : support
C. relegate : consign
D. volunteer : accept
E. select : reject
A. medal : honor
B. budget : save
C. diary : reminisce
D. concert : play
E. plea : threaten
A. dispassionate : equanimity
B. macabre : interest
C. perfidious : loyalty
D. brilliant : gullibility
E. lavish : extravagance
A. immunize : resist
B. nourish : enrich
C. heat : burn
D. graft : multiply
E. prune : dwarf
A. insolently : veneration
B. ardently : passion
C. phlegmatically : composure
D. surreptitiously : obsession
E. haltingly : reluctance
A. marginal : unique
B. perceptible : obvious
C. apparent : real
D. peripheral : central
E. possible : desirable
A. leather : shoe
B. brush : palette
C. chisel : wood
D. marble : sculptor
E. hammer : carpenter
A. annoyed : disillusioned
B. disturbed : interrupted
C. covetous : rapacious
D. outmoded : ostentatious
E. tranquil : placid
A. vindictive : revenge
B. scholarly : library
C. immaculate : cleanliness
D. thirsty : water
E. belligerent : invasion
A. revolution : democracy
B. duel : formality
C. feud : impartiality
D. bout : sparring
E. crusade : remoteness
A. supply : donate
B. argue : debate
C. grumble : accuse
D. drink : guzzle
E. pacify : intervene
A. tart : pungency
B. tacit : solitude
C. despicable : contempt
D. engrossing : obliviousness
E. venerable : renown
A. wood : totem
B. stitch : sampler
C. ink : scroll
D. pedestal : column
E. tapestry : rug
A. Sharp : Cut
B. Warm : Hot
C. Hassock : Stool
D. Freedom : Liberty
A. Hardworking : Lazy
B. Knife : Sword
C. Courage : Bold
D. Luxury : Wealth
A. Sweating : Wrestling
B. Hunter : Fire
C. Speech : Stage
D. Stammer : Talk
A. Fasting : Hunger
B. Round : Boxing
C. Flower : Color
D. Hiking : Gangrene
A. Artist : Musician
B. Patron : Support
C. Honesty : Charity
D. Bank : Banker
A. Puppy : Dog
B. Novel : Story
C. Co*ks : Pride
D. Ear : Nose
A. Cockroach : Antenna
B. Instrument : Pencil
C. Hard Disk : Keyboard
D. Bread : Butter
A. Hair : Black
B. Bird : Aviary
C. Tiger : Carnivorous
D. Mammal : Cow
A. Winter : Summer
B. Sword : Sharp
C. Run : Fast
D. Drill : Hole
A. Secret : Confident
B. Cell : Prisoner
C. Palette : Painter
D. Draft : Writer
E. Lawyer : Court room
A. Cement : Building
B. Medley : Songs
C. Furniture : Sofa
D. Grains : Tree
E. Book : Volumes
A. Book : Papers
B. Snake : Fangs
C. Birds : Feather
D. Car : Wheels
E. Cat : Claws
A. Cotton : Cloth
B. Food : Gourmet
C. Clay : Potter
D. Silver : Miner
E. Gold : Miser
Orthopedic: Bone ::
A. Psychiatry: Mind
B. Skin: Allergy
C. Antibiotics: Fever
D. Fracture: Plaster
Mask: Disguise ::
A. Clothes: Necessity
B. Building: Offices
C. Make-up: Beautify
D. Radio: News
Words: Poetry ::
A. Dictionary Letters
B. Notes: Music
C. Wheat: Food
D. Planet: Sun
Cobbler: Leather ::
A. Shirt: Boutique
B: Television: Engineer
C. Woodcutter: Furniture
D. Mason: Stone
Day: Night ::
A. Dark: Black
B. Good: Rough
C. Kind: Cruel
D. Shining: Bright
Joke: Laughter ::
A. Cry: Sorrow
B. Disease: Medicine
C. Death: Life
D. Miracle: Surprise
Hiss: Snake ::
A. Notes: Music
B. Splash: Water
C. Trumpet: Elephant
D. Cat: Mew
Sodium: Salt ::
A. Potassium: Phosphorous
B. Calcium: Marble
C. Lime: Limestone
D. Room: House
A. liquid: litre
B. bushel: corn
C. weight: scale
D. fame: television
A. angry: rich
B. native: affluent
C. gauche: graceful
D. scholarly: erudite
A. first: second
B. present: past
C. contemporary: historic
D. successor: predecessor
A. rooster: chicken
B. mutton: sheep
C. steer: beef
D. lobster: crustacean
A. corpulent: weight
B. insipid: flavour
C. pallid: complexion
D. enigmatic: puzzle
A. seven: septet
B. four: quartet
C. two: binary
D. five: quince
A. common: ghostly
B. worldly: unworldly
C. routine: novel
D. secular: clerical
A. business: strategy
B. soldier: students
C. war: logic
D. team: individual
A. iron: metal
B. north pole: directions
C. magnetism: attraction
D. dust: desert
A. curtail: activity
B. expunge: book
C. edit: text
D. censor: play
A. speech: dumb
B. language: deaf
C. tongue: sound
D. voice: vibration
A. comfort: stimulant
B. grief: consolation
C. trance: narcotic
D. ache: extraction
A. producer: theatre
B. director: drama
C. conductor: bus
D. thespian: play
A. shard: pottery
B. shred: wood
C. blades: grass
D. chip: glass
A. Leonardo: music
B. Fresco: painter
C. Colours: pallet
D. Art: appreciation
A. mesa: plateau
B. moron: savant
C. foreigner: immigrant
D. pedagogue: teacher
A. love: elevates
B. film: flam
C. fib: lie
D. fake: ordinary
A. problematic : solution
B. devious : argument
C. elliptical : brevity
D. judicious : selection
E. profound : depth
Synonym of WIELD _____________?
A. Abstain
B. Avoid
C. Forgo
D. Exert
Synonym of WANE _____________?
A. Employ
B. Decline
C. Rise
D. Revive
Synonym of WARY is _____________?
A. Heedless
B. Negligent
C. Prudent
D. Reckless
Synonym of VAGRANT is _____________?
A. Roving
B. Stable
C. Honoured
D. Stubborn
Synonym of VALOUR is _____________?
A. Stable
B. Coward
C. Heroism
D. Fear
ynonym of YOKE is _____________?
A. Detach
B. Harness
C. Release
D. Liberate
Synonym of YELL is _____________?
A. Shackle
B. Hitch
C. Whisper
D. Shout
Synonym of YEARN is _____________?
A. Require
B. Extra
C. Unwanted
D. Muted
Synonym of ZEST is _____________?
A. Passive
B. Enthusiasm
C. Disgust
D. Various
Synonym of ZEALOT is _____________?
A. Fanatic
B. Apathy
C. Liberal
D. Impious
Synonym of EXUDE is _____________?
A. Ooze
B. Overflow
C. Wither
D. Evaporate
Synonym of PREVARICATE is _____________?
A. Truth
B. Early
C. Lie
D. Delay
Synonym of PRECARIOUS is _____________?
A. Safe
B. Brittle
C. Perilous
D. none of these
Synonym of DELEGATE is _____________?
A. Representative
B. Officer
C. Member
D. Servant
Synonym of LETHARGY is _____________?
A. Serenity
B. Laxity
C. Active
D. Bold
Synonym of EMACIATED is _____________?
A. very fat
B. very thin
C. very small
D. very heavy
Synonym of CIRCUITOUS is _____________?
A. Direct
B. Strong
C. Cyclic
D. Weak
Synonym of Enigma is _____________?
A. Question
B. Puzzle
C. Answer
D. Content
Synonym of Incredulous is _____________?
A. Dishonest
B. Honest
C. Reliable
D. Unreliable
Synonym of Vituperate is _____________?
A. Abuse
B, Appreciate
C. Copy
D. Encourage
Synonym of BRIEF is _____________?
A. Small
B. Short
C. Little
D. Limited
Synonym of EMBEZZLE is _____________?
A. Remunerate
B. Clear
C. Balance
D. Misappropriate
Synonym of ALERT is _____________?
A. Intelligent
B. Energetic
C. Observant
D. Watchful
Synonym of ARROGANT is _____________?
A. Conceited
B. Humble
C. Progressive
D. Noble
There are those who claim that reductions in the spending on and deployment of weapons systems……
There are those who claim that reductions in the spending on and deployment of weapons systems would result in a so-called “climate of peace,” thereby diminishing the likelihood of armed conflict. The facts show otherwise. These self-proclaimed pacifists are either the victims or the propagators of a false argument.
1.Which of the following is an assumption underlying the conclusion of the passage above?
A. Military actions involving our forces can be instigated by any number of different factors
B. Our buildup of weapons systems and combat personnel has prevented our adversaries from increasing their own spending on defense
C. The increased defense spending of the past 10 years has lessened the need for significant military expenditure in future decades
D. At the present time, state-of-the-art weapons systems and the augmentation of combat personnel are equally important to a nation’s defense
E. An established correlation between greater spending on weapons systems and a decreased incidence of conflict will persist
he supervisor of a commuter airline is scheduling pilots to fly the round-trip from City X to City Y….
The supervisor of a commuter airline is scheduling pilots to fly the round-trip from City X to City Y. The trip takes only two hours, and the airline has one round-trip flight in the morning and one round-trip flight in the afternoon, each day, Monday through Friday. Pilots must be scheduled in accordance with the following rules:
Only W, X, and Y can fly the morning flight.
Only V, X, and Z can fly the afternoon flight.
No pilot may fly twice on the same day.
No pilot may fly on two consecutive days.
X must fly the Wednesday morning flight.
Z must fly the Tuesday afternoon flight.
1.Which of the following must be true?
A. W flies the Monday morning flight
B. X flies the Monday afternoon flight
C. Y flies the Tuesday morning flight
D. W flies the Thursday morning flight
E. Z flies the Thursday afternoon flight
2.If X flies on Friday morning, which of the following must be true?
A. X does not fly on Monday afternoon
B. V flies on Friday afternoon
C. W flies Thursday morning
D. Y flies Thursday morning
E. Neither W nor Y flies Thursday morning
3.If X flies only one morning flight during the week, which of the following must be true?
A. W flies exactly two days during the week
B. X flies exactly three days during the week
C. Y flies only one day during the week
D. Z flies Monday afternoon and Friday afternoon
E. X flies more times during the week than V
4.If W is not scheduled to fly at all during the week, all of the following must be true EXCEPT
A. X flies on Monday morning
B. V flies on Monday afternoon
C. Y flies on Thursday morning
D. Z flies on Friday afternoon
E. X flies on Friday morning
No actual black hole has yet been located or studied, but the concept has…………….
No actual black hole has yet been located or studied, but the concept has provided endless imaginative fodder for science fiction writers and endless theoretical fodder for physicists and astrophysicists.
Black holes are one of the more exotic theoretical manifestations of general relativity. The standard model for the formation of a black hole involves the collapse of a large star. For extremely massive stars that are four to five times the mass of our sun, the exclusion principle—the resistance between the molecular particles within the star as they are compressed—will not be strong enough to offset the gravity generated by the star’s own mass. The star’s increasing density will overwhelm the exclusion principle. What follows is runaway gravitational collapse. With no internal force to stop it, the star will simply continue to collapse in on itself, until it reaches a point of infinite density and zero volume, a phenomenon known as a singularity.
The star now disappears from the perceivable universe, like a cartoon character who jumps into a hole and pulls the hole in after him. What this process leaves behind is a different kind of hole—a profound disturbance in space-time, a region where gravity is so intense that nothing, not even light, can escape from it. Any object falling within the boundary of a black hole will be sucked in and will disappear from our universe forever.
What would happen to an object, such as an astronaut, as it vanished into the black hole? Physicists have been amusing themselves with this question for years. Most believe that the astronaut would be destroyed by the intense gravitational forces within the black hole, or would explode in a flash of gamma rays as he or she approached the singularity at the hole’s core. Theoretically, an astronaut who managed to survive the passage would experience some very strange things, including acute time distortion, which would enable him or her to know, in a few brief seconds, the entire future of the universe in all its detail.
1. The word “fodder” is closest in meaning to
A. material
B. stories
C. support
D. problems
2. The opposing force between the molecular particles inside a star is called
A. general relativity
B. the exclusion principle
C. infinite density
D. a singularity
3. The word “offset” could best be replaced by
A. carry
B. arrange
C. overflow
D. counteract
4. It can be concluded from paragraph 3 that light
A. destroys a black hole
B. can barely reveal a black hole
C. does not exist near a black hole
D. originates in spacetime
5. Which of the following is NOT mentioned as the possible fate of an astronaut who falls into a black hole?
A. Experience of amusement
B. Death by gamma rays
C. Knowledge of the universe
D. Destruction by gravity
6. It can be inferred from the passage that black holes are
A. soon to be located and studied
B. a scientific impossibility
C. the key to the entire future of the universe
D. a source of inspiration and entertainment
A. motion: dynamics
B. water: hydroponics
C. data: statistics
D. music: eurythmics
How to Solve Analogies/Related Pair of Words Mcqs:
HOW TO SOLVE ANALOGIES: To answer Analogy question, start making up a “test sentence” that expresses how the two words in the question are related. Then try to insert the words from each choice in your test sentence to see which pair makes the most sense. To understand the concept better, consider the following example:
Ocean currents play a _______role in setting long-term climate_________.
A. vital … date
B. important … variations
C. major … patterns
D. unusual … changes
Antonym of DENIGRATE is _____________?
A. Asperse
B. Besmirch
C. Boost
D. Vilify
Antonym of ELATED is _____________?
A. Roused
B. Blissful
C. Sad
D. Happy
Antonym of INGEST is _____________?
A. Disgorge
B. Disrupt
C. Absorb
D. Devour
Antonym of LUCID is _____________?
A. Evident
B. Obvious
C. Explicit
D. Vague
Antonym of INORDINATE is _____________?
A. Dizzying
B. Wasteful
C. Wanton
D. Moderate
Antonym of SENILE is _____________?
A. Doting
B. Anile
C. Alert
D. Ancient
Antonym of GARBLED is _____________?
A. Slant
B. Unscramble
C. Obscure
D. Pervert
Antonym of NIGGARDLY is _____________?
A. Generous
B. Chintzy
C. Closefisted
D. Skimpy
Antonym of PHILISTINE is _____________?
A. Smutty
B. Uncultured
C. Uncultured
D. Cultured
Antonym of QUIESCENT is _____________?
A. Asleep
B. Active
C. Deactivated
D. Fallow
Antonym of FOREMOST is _____________?
A. Unimportant
B. Hindmost
C. Disposed
D. Mature
Antonym of FALLACIOUS is _____________?
A. Credit
B. Clean
C. Truthful
D. Dishonest
Antonym of PARSIMONY is _____________?
A. Verbosity
B. Generosity
C. Clan
D. Tenderness
Antonym of DOLEFUL is _____________?
A. Vivacious
B. Witty
C. Empty
D. Full
Antonym of TACIT is _____________?
A. Punish
B. Dictated
C. Grand
D. Small
Antonym of MITE is _____________?
A. Bit
B. Bug
C. Insect
D. Whole
Antonym of NEBULOUS is _____________?
A. Misty
B. Apparent
C. Murky
D. Shadowy
Antonym of PRODIGAL is _____________?
A. Spendthrift
B. Squandering
C. Thrifty
D. Wanton
Antonym of WEAN is _____________?
A. Attach
B. Detach
C. Discourage
D. Halt
Antonym of FRIVOLOUS is _____________?
A. Trivial
B. Silly
C. Petty
D. Wise
Antonym of DUCTILE is _____________?
A. Docile
B. Pliable
C. Stiff
D. Supple
Antonym of DEVIANT is _____________?
A. Bent
B. Devious
C. Regular
D. Atypical
Antonym of CURTAIL is _____________?
A. Cramp
B. Prolong
C. Chop
D. Clip
Antonym of DEXTEROUS is _____________?
A. Inexpert
B. Acute
C. Active
D. Able
Antonym of DOCILE is _____________?
A. Pliable
B. Pliant
C. Quiet
D. Unyielding
Antonym of SARTORIAL is _____________?
A. Homespun
B. Cheerful
C. Inelegant
D. Sincere
Antonym of PIQUE is _____________?
A. Hurt
B. Irk
C. Joy
D. Huff
Antonym of GUMPTION is _____________?
A. Apathy
B. Nerve
C. Initiative
D. Sagacity
Antonym of RECONDITE is_____________?
A. Hermetic
B. Manifest
C. Pedantic
D. Occult
Antonym of ENORMOUS is_____________?
A. Fragile
B. Weak
C. Tiny
D. Soft
Antonym of ARTIFICIAL is ______________?
A. Red
B. Solid
C. Truthful
D. Natural
Antonym of EXPAND is _____________?
A. Congest
B. Conclude
C. Convert
D. Condense


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