English Grammar Test Practice Online English Grammar MCQs
English Grammar Test Practice Online English Grammar MCQs

English Grammar Test Practice Online English Grammar MCQs

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I’ve never __ to England.
A. Been 
B. Went
C. Going
D. Go
Look! The bus ________.
A. Leaves
B. Leaving
C. Does leave
D. Is leaving
I didn’t ______ TV last night.
A. Not watched
B. Watched
C. Watch
D. Watching
_______there a restaurant near here?
A. Are
B. Have
C. Do
D. Is
Antonym of ” Heartfelt ” is _____________?
A. Loving
B. Insincere
C. Unhealthy
D. Humorous
E. Heartly
He was upbraided _______ his slovenly appearance?
A. of
B. for
C. with
D. to
E. from
Antonym of ” Meticulous ” is _____________?
A. Fussy
B. Painstaking
C. Scrupulous
D. Sloppy
E. Conscientious
Synonym of ” Blush ” is _____________?
A. Negotiate
B. Detain
C. Redden
D. Inter
E. Taunt
Antonym of ” Sloppy ” is _____________?
A. Careful
B. Slapdash
C. Haphazard
D. Slovenly
E. Heedless
I saw the horse jump ______ the fence.
A. Behind
B. On
C. Over
D. To
I found my car keys ______ my pocket.
A. On
B. In 
C. At
D. From
I purchased a cupboard ________ my new house.
A. To
B. at
C. Until
D. For
He served as _______ MNA between 2015 to 2018?
A. the
B. a
C. an
D. none
Qadri informed that all of the PAT members _______ soon take back their nomination forms?
A. may
B. will
C. would
D. shall
E. none
Synonym of Sumptuous is _____________?
A. Swampy
B. Irritable
C. Meager
D. Splendid
Synonym of handful is _____________?
A. Busy person
B. Bad Event
C. Body part
D. Small number
Synonym of PEEL is _____________?
A. Dance
B. Surprise
C. Pull Off
D. Look at
Synonym of Slap is _____________?
A. Drop of water
B. Hit
C. Vegetable
D. Journey
Synonym of brutal is _____________?
A. Mixed together
B. Noisy
C. Relating to teeth
D. Cruel
Passive Voice of ” The baby has lost her doll”?
A. Her doll was lost by the baby
B. Her doll had been lost by the baby
C. Her doll has been lost by the baby
D. Her doll will have been lost by the baby
E. Her doll has lost by the baby.
Antonym of ” Taciturn ” is _________?
A. reticent
B. introverted
C. meek
D. Loquacious
Salman Khan ________ a part of the upcoming Race 4?
A. will also be
B. also will be
C. will be also
D. will also
Antonym of “Serene” is _________?
A. Tranquil
B. Calm
C. Placid
D. Anxious
Synonym of ” Ruse ” is _________?
A. Affinity
B. Ploy
C. Bribe
D. Goosebump
Her father _____ yesterday?
A. dead
B. died
C. has died
D. was died
E. had died
Passive Voice of “She will build this house” ?
A. This house would be built by her
B. This house would have been built by her
C. This house will be built by her
D. This house will have been by her
His father-in-law is a doctor. “father-in-law is _________?
A. Abstract Noun
B. Collection Noun
C. Material Noun
D. Compound Noun
E. Concrete Noun
Co*k and bull story mean ?
A. a true story
B. a lengthy tale
C. Story told by an idiot
D. An unbelievable story
Synonym of ” Uproar ” is _________?
A. Acquiescence
B. Calm
C. Turmoil
D. Placid
He took his brother ____ the hand.
A. from
B. with
C. at
D. by
E. on
This date is worth _________.
A. remember
B. to remember
C. remembered
D. remembering
E. None
I suspect him ____ stealing the pen.
A. for
B. of
C. over
D. by
E. on
The prisoner was bound _____ the stake.
A. with
B. of
C. to..
D. at
E. on
It is no use _________ again.
A. to try
B. try
C. trying
D. tried
E. None
The ring was _______ by thieves.
A. steal
B. stole
C. stolen
D. stealing
He got ______ his illness in two weeks.
A. over
B. on
C. at
D. by
There was no heir ______ the throne.
A. to
B. with
C. him
D. over
The rains have set ______.
A. In
B. Of
C. On
D. Out
Usman was broken________from his old friends.
A. with
B. of
C. away
D. in
His people built many memorials __ his greatness.
A. for
B. of
C. to
D. with
The wheels of the truck press __ the road.
A. on
B. against
C. upon
D. over
Synonym of “harass” is _________?
A. annoy
B. harness
C. involve
D. injure
E. consider
Synonym of “mollify” is _________?
A. sweeten
B. appease
C. applaud
D. worry
E. discourage
Synonym of “tortuous” is _________?
A. winding
B. sadistic
C. cruel
D. like a turtle
E. carefree
Synonym of “inculcate” is _________?
A. corroborate
B. lack
C. teach
D. destroy
E. avenge
Synonym of “tawdry” is _________?
A. refined
B. yellow-orange
C. ancient
D. forward
E. gaudy
Synonym of “debilitate” is _________?
A. argue
B. engage
C. remove hair
D. soothe
E. enfeeble
Synonym of “abettor” is _________?
A. gambler
B. slaughter-house
C. encourager
D. factor
E. author
Synonym of “impeccable” is _________?
A. poverty-stricken
B. faultless
C. dirty
D. criminal
E. impervious
Synonym of “retrospect” is _________?
A. special kind of telescope
B. microscope
C. prism
D. review of the past
E. forecast of future events
Synonym of “propensity” is _________?
A. inclination
B. intelligence
C. probity
D. dishonesty
E. act
Synonym of “expiated” is _________?
A. vapid
B. assumed
C. disinclined
D. atoned
E. eroded
Synonym of “penury” is _________?
A. custom
B. poverty
C. numismatics
D. affluence
E. criminology
Synonym of “chicanery” is _________?
A. foulness
B. aroma
C. chastity
D. trickery
E. poultry
Synonym of “nepotism” is _________?
A. favouritism
B. pool
C. philosophy
D. rule of despot
E. hedonism
Synonym of “erudite” is _________?
A. rough
B. unpolished
C. scholarly
D. magnificent
E. ornate
Synonym of “tenacity” is _________?
A. persistence
B. game played on grass
C. large town
D. indifference
E. ecstasy
Synonym of “professedly” is _________?
A. meekly
B. cruelly
C. bravely
D. pedantically
E. ostensibly
Synonym of “patent” is _________?
A. insincere
B. fatherly
C. morbid
D. obvious
Synonym of “impart” is _________?
A. to inflict
B. take sides
C. communicate
D. defy
We’re lost. ________ knows where we are.
A. Either of us
B. Neither of us
C. Not any of us
D. None of above
You _______ not worry about me.
A. would
B. need
C. could
D. shall
E. can
Translate this passage ____ English.
A. to
B. in
C. into
D. on
He succeeded ____ killing the tiger.
A. by
B. with
C. on
D. in
E. of
Would you mind _____ a picture with you?
A. take
B. to take
C. taking
E. taken
My brother was trembling ____ cold.
A. from
B. with
C. of
D. by
Can you switch off ____ television, please?
A. a
B. an
C. the
D. none
Thank you. That was ___ very nice dinner.
A. an
B. a
C. the
D. none
I am now quite_______and hearty.
A. Hail
B. Hale
C. Hell
D. Hall
Who is known as the Poet of Nature?
A. William Black
B. William Shakespeare
C. William Wordsworth
D. William Butler Yeats
Synonym of Ridiculous is _____________?
A. silly
B. Glorious
C. Frivolous
D. None of these
Synonym of Stunning is _____________?
A. Magician
B. Beautiful
C. Vain
D. None of these
Prime Minister has arrived ____ London.
A. at
B. to
C. in
D. from
E. none
He tried to park his car but _____ space wasn’t big enough.
A. a
B. an
C. the
D. none
The Synonym of “Diligent” is__________?
A. Hardworking
B. Witty
C. Deliberate
D. Lazy
I did not ____ to university yesterday.
A. went
B. go
C. gone
D. going
He is now ashamed ____ his conduct.
A. from
B. with
C. of
D. by
E. at
He always comes _____ home late.
A. to
B. at
C. Both A & B
D. None of above
I ______ lie from now on.
A. don’t
B. didn’t
C. haven’t
D. won’t
E. hadn’t
I am shy _____ my teacher.
A. with
B. from
C. of
D. to
E. none
____ you call your friend yesterday?
A. Have
B. Had
C. Will
D. Did
E. Do
She turned heads wherever she went. What does the idiom/phrase “turn heads” mean?
A. too pleased
B. get angry
C. attract a lot of attention
D. not knowing what to say
E. get acquainted
I looked ____ you at the party, but I didn’t see you.
A. to
B. at
C. for
D. on
E. none
I am not acquainted ____ her father.
A. of
B. from
C. with
D. to
E. at
I saw you dancing _____ party.
A. at
B. at a
C. at the
D. in
E. in the
I told the tailor to put red buttons _____ the dress he is making for me.
A. in
B. at
C. on
D. over
E. none
Either Sana or her friends ______ present there.
A. was
B. were
C. is
D. none
We often watch ____ television.
A. a
B. an
C. the
D. none
We congratulate you ____ your achievement.
A. for
B. to
C. on
D. at
E. by
My friend is a couch potato. What does the idiom/phrase “couch potato” means?
A. active person
B. busy person
C. lazy person
D. angry person
Passive voice of “They broke up the table for firewood” is _____________________?
A. The table broke up for firewood by them.
B. The table has broken up for firewood by them.
C. The table had broken up for firewood by them.
D. The table was broken up for firewood by them.
Sana! Please ______ a tea ?
A. Taken
B. Drank
C. Have
D. Put
He is worried _____ his future.
A. for
B. of
C. about
D. from
E. with
She is interested _____ drawing and painting.
A. of
B. at
C. in
D. with
E. on
Please do not get angry __ me.
A. with
B. on
C. at
D. towards
__ the night mysterious creatures prowl.
A. in
B. at
C. on
D. along
You should not jest ______ his poverty.
A. on
B. with
C. at
D. of
Sana is not known ______ me.
A. to
B. on
C. at
D. with
I am proud ______ my brother.
A. with
B. of
C. to
D. at
E. on
Head is covered ____ hair.
A. of
B. with
C. at
D. by
E. from
The weather was _________ the exceptionally poor harvest.S
A. accused of
B. blamed for
C. found fault with for
D. condemned for
Do you mean to say you exchanged that lovely car ____ this?
A. with
B. on
C. by
D. for
When the meeting had finished, they went _____ the plan once again.
A. down
B. on
C. up
D. over
I don’t see any _____ in arriving early at the theatre if the show doesn’t start until 9 o’clock.
A. aim
B. reason
C. cause
D. point
She is teaching two classes and is examining at a literature exam tomorrow. _______, she is chairing a meeting at Islamabad.
A. at the top of it
B. on the top of it
C. on top of it
D. at top
They are anxious ______ his health.
A. for
B. at
C. about
D. on
There is still no cure _____ AIDS.
A. of
B. to
C. for
D. with
Synonym of “blissful” is _________?
A. maudlin
B. dour
C. beatific
D. moot
E. modish
Synonym of “celibate” is _________?
A. single
B. double
C. married
D. bald
E. hypocritical
Synonym of “homogenous” is _________?
A. heterogeneous
B. motley
C. scrambled
D. different
E. similar
Synonym of “garrulous” is _________?
A. laconic
B. strangling
C. ecstatic
D. frozen
E. wordy
Synonym of “vestige” is _________?
A. clothing
B. trace
C. under-garment
D. hallway
E. hope
Synonym of “mores” is _________?
A. morals
B. customs
C. taxes
D. fiscal year
E. swamp
Synonym of “pelt” is _________?
A. to throw things at
B. touch softly
C. place in layers
D. remove from
Synonym of “sumptuous” is _________?
A. swampy
B. irritable
C. meagre
D. fancy
E. lavish
Synonym of “ captious” is _________?
A. prominent
B. carping
C. critical
D. caustic
E. epigrammatic
Synonym of “indigence” is _________?
A. nativity
B. tolerance
C. gossiping
D. poverty
E. eating
Synonym of “incorrigible” is _________?
A. commendable
B. incorruptible
C. unchangeable
D. overbearing
Synonym of “intractable” is _________?
A. hard to manage
B. barbaric
C. flawless
D. elusive
Synonym of “patois” is _________?
A. glib talk
B. slang
C. computer language
D. local dialect
Synonym of “bifurcate” is _________?
A. to fork or divide
B. belch
C. think meditatively
D. explain at length
Synonym of “syllogism” is _________?
A. harmony
B. word division
C. sensible observation
D. reasoning method
Synonym of “countenance” is _________?
A. opposition
B. proper conduct
C. agreeable quality
D. facial expression
Synonym of “pastime” is _________?
A. antiquity
B. memory
C. recreation
D. tardiness
Synonym of “ineluctable” is _________?
A. subtle
B. inevitable
C. incapable
D. insoluble
Synonym of “subterranean” is _________?
A. underground
B. stealthy
C. built up
D. cavernous
Synonym of “infinite” is _________?
A. verbal
B. indefinite
C. endless
D. strange
E. vague
Synonym of “fastidious” is _________?
A. speedy
B. precise
C. squeamish
D. hungry
E. slow
Synonym of “demise” is _________?
A. residence
B. dismissal
C. accident
D. act
E. death
Synonym of “filch” is _________?
A. pretend
B. dirty
C. embarrass
D. steal
E. honor
Synonym of “disconcert” is _________?
A. sing in harmony
B. pretend
C. cancel program
D. confuse
E. interrupt
Synonym of “virago” is _________?
A. bacillus
B. chastity
C. shrew
D. wanton
E. tirade
Synonym of “persiflage” is _________?
A. banter
B. oppression
C. sarcasm
D. bigotry
E. simile
Synonym of “loquacious” is _________?
A. situated
B. gregarious
C. taciturn
D. antisocial
E. garrulous
Synonym of “tractable” is _________?
A. practicable
B. amenable
C. indisposed
D. critical
E. artistic
Synonym of “saturnine” is _________?
A. planetary
B. gloomy
C. astronomic
D. hopeful
E. temperate
Synonym of “vindictive” is _________?
A. revengeful
B. triumphant
C. strategic
D. demonstrative
E. bigoted
Synonym of “frustration” is _________?
A. satiety
B. facility
C. thwart
D. nostalgia
E. lethargy
Synonym of “phlegmatic” is _________?
A. stolid
B. respiratory
C. animated
D. pneumatic
E. aroused
Synonym of “punctilious” is _________?
A. scrupulous
B. varied
C. ready
D. prompt
E. vicarious
Synonym of “frugality” is _________?
A. extravagance
B. ripening
C. thrift
D. resentment
E. miserliness
Synonym of “unequaled” is _________?
A. outstanding
B. different
C. praised
D. unique
E. strange
Synonym of “adversity” is _________?
A. opponent
B. hardship
C. opening
D. public announcement
E. agency
Synonym of “wraith” is _________?
A. apparition
B. garland
C. Christmas decoration
D. anger
E. excitement
Synonym of “disparity” is _________?
A. argumentation
B. difference
C. belittlement
D. harmony
E. discord
Synonym of “variegate” is _________?
A. set type
B. multi-color
C. differ
D. reject
E. reply-in-kind
Synonym of “prognosis” is _________?
A. scheme
B. forecast
C. preface
D. identification of a disease
Synonym of “chagrin” is _________?
A. chin
B. mortification
C. elation
D. intuition
E. chamber
Synonym of “reticence” is _________?
A. reserve
B. retention
C. regret
D. brazenness
E. hostility
Synonym of “cynosure” is _________?
A. obscurity
B. center of attention
C. certainty
D. clown
Synonym of “tenable” is _________?
A. experimental
B. long lasting
C. flimsy
D. defensible
Synonym of “paroxysm” is _________?
A. spasm
B. furor
C. paralysis
D. fear
Synonym of “incommunicado” is _________?
A. close-mouthed
B. disguised
C. irreconcilable
D. without means of communication
Synonym of “wrangler” is _________?
A. lawman
B. cowboy
C. inventor
D. arbitrator
Synonym of “quorum” is _________?
A. public meeting
B. all the participants
C. necessary number of members
D. document
Synonym of “vapid” is _________?
A. steamy
B. helter skelter
C. lively
D. boring
Synonym of “senescent” is _________?
A. sensitive
B. ageing
C. sleepy
D. sweet smelling
Synonym of “broach” is _________?
A. to decorate
B. bridge
C. offend
D. introduce
Synonym of “legion” is _________?
A. distance
B. rampage
C. multitude
D. motto
Synonym of “decorous” is _________?
A. adorned
B. ugly
C. insane
D. proper
E. childish
Synonym of “pedagogue” is _________?
A. demagogue
B. peddler
C. bicyclist
D. teacher
E. pupil
Synonym of “staid” is _________?
A. weary
B. remaining
C. sedate
D. afraid
E. unkempt
Synonym of “chasten” is _________?
A. discipline
B. pursue
C. sanctify
D. stop
E. start
Synonym of “reclusive” is _________?
A. snobbish
B. scholarly
C. silent
D. hermit-like
Synonym of “flux” is _________?
A. continuous flow
B. gradual curve
C. substitute
D. shimmering light
Synonym of “haggard” is _________?
A. gaunt
B. irascible
C. wise
D. sluggish
E. witty
I cannot concentrate, here is too much __________.
A. detraction
B. distraction
C. people
D. sound
E. contraction
I will have to study very hard, _____ I can pass the exam.
A. such
B. therefore
C. in order
D. so that
He has to got to Canada for the next ______ of his training.
A. stand
B. point
C. step
D. stage
We arrived ____ the village at night.
A. to
B. in
C. at
D. of
Synonym of “tranquillity” is _________?
A. balance
B. patience
C. calmness
D. beauty
Synonym of “iota” is _________?
A. something owed
B. ancient coin
C. small amount
D. punctuation mark
Synonym of “redoubt” is _________?
A. fortification
B. rearguard
C. trench
D. camp
Synonym of “indenture” is _________?
A. contract
B. protection
C. teeth
D. space
Synonym of “inexplicable” is _________?
A. frustrating
B. questionable
C. unexplainable
D. entangled
Synonym of “felicitous” is _________?
A. misleading
B. graceless
C. appropriate
D. egotistical
Synonym of “rendition” is _________?
A. interpretation
B. imitation
C. report
D. reparation
Synonym of “plausible” is _________?
A. apparently believable
B. workable
C. true
D. somewhat evasive
Synonym of “incontrovertible” is _________?
A. long established
B. beyond dispute
C. lacking control
D. non-negotiable
Synonym of “congruent” is _________?
A. energetic
B. crude
C. contrary
D. coinciding exactly
Synonym of “sagacity” is _________?
A. attentiveness
B. courage
C. wisdom
D. thoughtfulness
Synonym of “comely” is _________?
A. peaceful
B. attractive
C. fun loving
D. modest
Synonym of “eschew” is _________?
A. to avoid
B. argue
C. forget
D. spit out
Synonym of “feral” is _________?
A. productive
B. feverish
C. wild
D. seductive
Synonym of “perfunctory” is _________?
A. normal
B. done superficially
C. blunt
D. prepared in advance
Synonym of “effigy” is _________?
A. proxy
B. profundity
C. boldness
D. exit
E. dumpy
Synonym of “surrealistic” is _________?
A. dream like
B. practical
C. depressing
D. natural
Synonym of “impregnable” is _________?
A. not fertile
B. safe against attack
C. severe
D. vulnerable
Synonym of “barbaric” is _________?
A. large and strong
B. uncivilized and brutal
C. simple
D. original
Synonym of “tepid” is _________?
A. enraged
B. equatorial
C. transported
D. lukewarm
E. embarrassed
Synonym of “lodestar” is _________?
A. guiding principle
B. burden
C. optical illusion
D. symbol of authority
Synonym of “sordid” is _________?
A. lazy
B. cruel
C. regrettable
D. dirty
Synonym of “nomenclature” is _________?
A. terminology
B. pseudonym
C. claque
D. title
Synonym of “interpolate” is _________?
A. to flee
B. explain
C. reverse
D. insert
Synonym of “embargo” is _________?
A. license
B. freight
C. tax
D. prohibition
Synonym of “pronto” is _________?
A. precisely
B. languidly
C. quickly
D. urgently
Synonym of “cantata” is _________?
A. symphony
B. concerto
C. opera
D. choral work
E. military march
Synonym of “pecuniary” is _________?
A. money
B. architecture
C. warfare
D. indolence
Synonym of “paltry” is _________?
A. insignificant
B. unfair
C. average
D. slovenly
Synonym of “hover” is _________?
A. to remain in the air above one spot
B. shake or move gently
C. cover carefully
D. submerge
Synonym of “fiesta” is _________?
A. puzzle
B. joy
C. nap
D. festival
Synonym of “acumen” is _________?
A. keenness
B. brilliance
C. swiftness
D. greediness
E. ferocity
Synonym of “overture” is _________?
A. disclosure
B. apology
C. request
D. proposal
Synonym of “behemoth” is _________?
A. stinging insect
B. huge beast
C. holiday mood
D. mythological creature
Synonym of “pretension” is _________?
A. absurdity
B. anxious feeling
C. undisputed right
D. claim
Synonym of “inundate” is _________?
A. overwhelm
B. surrender
C. flood
D. destroy
E. conquer
Synonym of “bicker” is _________?
A. bargain
B. offend
C. fret
D. squabble
Synonym of “pedigree” is _________?
A. ancestral line
B. warrant
C. diploma
D. public record
Synonym of “leviathan” is _________?
A. thin
B. small
C. gigantic
D. clumsy
Synonym of “ferret” is _________?
A. conceal
B. weigh
C. disperse
D. search
Synonym of “aver” is _________?
A. to balk at
B. declare
C. turn away
D. postpone
Synonym of “churlish” is _________?
A. brave
B. foolish
C. boorish
D. shy
Synonym of “hew” is _________?
A. to obey
B. chop
C. cry out
D. tinge
Synonym of “nonchalant” is _________?
A. calm and casual
B. listless
C. apprehensive
D. negligent
Synonym of “reverie” is _________?
A. daydream
B. adoration
C. awakening call
D. meeting
Synonym of “contagion” is _________?
A. concealment
B. an infecting contact
C. worrisome question
D. lack of concern
Synonym of “ramification” is _________?
A. problem
B. combination
C. reinforcement
D. consequence
Synonym of “citadel” is _________?
A. mountain
B. conduit
C. palace
D. fortress
Synonym of “repatriate” is _________?
A. to return home
B. colonize
C. brainwash
D. repay
Synonym of “plebiscite” is _________?
A. militant youth
B. common people
C. minority representation
D. direct popular vote
Synonym of “hegemony” is _________?
A. government by the few
B. mass migration
C. self-governing state
D. dominance
Synonym of “halcyon” is _________?
A. turbulent
B. shimmering
C. exhausting
D. calm
Synonym of “vermin” is _________?
A. welcome guests
B. fur wraps
C. true accounts
D. objectionable pets
Synonym of “insurrection” is _________?
A. discontent
B. objection
C. revolt
D. disobedience
Synonym of “endeavor” is _________?
A. to ignore
B. intend
C. attempt earnestly
D. bring about
Synonym of “bonanza” is _________?
A. fish fry
B. windfall
C. blessing
D. dessert
Synonym of “stodgy” is _________?
A. sturdy
B. dull
C. blunt
D. obstinate
Synonym of “inter” is _________?
A. carry
B. hint
C. bury
D. interfere
E. act as go-between
Synonym of “bombastic” is _________?
A. inflated
B. explosive
C. retaliatory
D. meek
E. enraged
Synonym of “endow” is _________?
A. to approve
B. immobilize
C. embark
D. provide
Synonym of “imperil” is _________?
A. to threaten
B. endanger
C. undermine
D. frighten
Synonym of “serene” is _________?
A. musical
B. patient
C. happy
D. calm
Synonym of “barrage” is _________?
A. quarters for troops
B. dispute
C. bombardment
D. large boat
Synonym of “viva voce” is _________?
A. lively
B. in writing
C. belligerently
D. thematically
E. orally
Synonym of “lackluster” is _________?
A. dull
B. fitful
C. steady
D. obscure
Synonym of “supplant” is _________?
A. to bury
B. stand by
C. displace
D. work under
Synonym of “audacious” is _________?
A. full of energy
B. showing skill
C. pertaining to hearing
D. recklessly bold
Synonym of “prowess” is _________?
A. beauty
B. pride
C. outstanding ability
D. determination
Synonym of “cult” is _________?
A. snobbery
B. tastefulness
C. sect
D. yearling
Synonym of “tango” is _________?
A. tropic fruit
B. outburst
C. desperate situation
D. a dance
Synonym of “contiguous” is _________?
A. proximate
B. distant
C. emergent
D. disparate
Synonym of “mangy” is _________?
A. sleek
B. long-limbed
C. shabby
D. voracious
Synonym of “benchmark” is _________?
A. exhibition
B. reference point
C. label
D. repute
Synonym of “implement” is _________?
A. to displace
B. entangle
C. carry out
D. guide
Synonym of “abscond” is _________?
A. to depart secretly
B. yield
C. abdicate
D. resign
Synonym of “immolate” is _________?
A. to surround
B. baptize
C. vandalize
D. sacrifice
Synonym of “abrade” is _________?
A. to twist
B. unravel
C. scold
D. wear away
Synonym of “morose” is _________?
A. calm
B. gloomy
C. misty
D. damp
E. diseased
Synonym of “ubiquitous” is _________?
A. affluent
B. resigning
C. omni-present
D. omni-potent
E. omniscient
If I __________ money, I would purchase it now.
A. has
B. have
C. had
D. have had
She is looking for an accommodation __________ in flat or shared house.
A. both
B. until
C. neither
D. either
Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) “burns” less efficiently than gasoline.
A. burn
B. burns
C. should burn
D. would burn
The newly imposed rules sound very ___________.
A. interesting
B. interestingly
C. interested
D. interest
Maryam, accompanied by her brother, __________ at the party.
A. is
B. are
C. was
D. were
Though smaller than our solar system, a quasar, which looks like an ordinary star, emits more light ________ galaxy.
A. than an entire
B. than entire
C. than is entire
D. than entirely
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Kindly ask her to play the piano, she is a __________ pianist?
A. voracious
B. vacuous
C. volatile
D. virtuoso
He was __________ from all charges leveled against him?
A. liberated
B. exonerated
C. apprehended
D. judged
Synonym of “attrition” is _________?
A. addition
B. regret
C. attitude
D. abrasion
E. concentration
Synonym of “ascribe” is _________?
A. engrave
B. attribute
C. sign
D. write
Synonym of “cuisine” is _________?s
A. overall atmosphere
B. table setting
C. style of cooking
D. light luggage
Synonym of “superfluous” is _________?
A. flowing
B. disdainful
C. ornate
D. unnecessary
Synonym of “malfeasance” is _________?
A. seasickness
B. criticism
C. cure
D. misconduct
E. poor performance
Synonym of “hamlet” is _________?
A. actor
B. benefactor
C. small rodent
D. village
E. introvert
Synonym of “pneumatic” is _________?
A. pertaining to air
B. automatic
C. sick
D. elastic
E. plotted
Synonym of “inane” is _________?
A. careless
B. merry
C. angry
D. silly
Synonym of “inordinate” is _________?
A. excessive
B. illegal
C. bad
D. demanding
Synonym of “chastise” is _________?
A. tease
B. drive
C. punish
D. sadden
Synonym of “umbrage” is _________?
A. offense
B. shelter
C. peaceful attitude
D. leave
Synonym of “hyperbole” is _________?
A. turning point
B. high excitement
C. swear word
D. obvious exaggeration
Synonym of “symposium” is _________?
A. musical composition
B. honorary award
C. amphitheater
D. conference
Synonym of “amnesty” is _________?
A. international agreement
B. cease-fire
C. pardon
D. exchange of prisoners
Synonym of “providence” is _________?
A. Puzzle
B. Ruin
C. Renounce
D. persons destiny
Synonym of “odium” is _________?
A. hatred
B. repulsive smell
C. clumsiness
D. fear
Synonym of “abound” is _________?
A. be plentiful
B. tie up
C. bounce
D. spread out
Synonym of “accord” is _________?
A. address
B. grant
C. take note of
D. respect
Synonym of “abate” is _________?
A. tease
B. lessen
C. suppress
D. give away
Synonym of “impede” is _________?
A. encourage
B. hinder
C. speed up
D. stutter
Synonym of “abet” is _________?
A. wager
B. reduce in volume
C. encourage
D. haggle
Synonym of “impend” is _________?
A. rely
B. ponder
C. menace
D. reflect
Synonym of “immerse” is _________?
A. conceal
B. float
C. saturate
D. plunge into
Synonym of “amend” is _________?
A. alter
B. suggest
C. bring together
D. subscribe
Synonym of “abstain” is _________?
A. separate
B. ignore
C. refrain
D. frustrate
Synonym of “impale” is _________?
A. terrify
B. entrap
C. transfix
D. summon for jury duty
Synonym of “abut” is _________?
A. strike
B. border on
C. cut
D. protrude
Synonym of “impeach” is _________?
A. accuse
B. remove from office
C. jail
D. slander
Synonym of “impound” is _________?
A. break up
B. haggle
C. hammer in
D. confiscate
Synonym of “adduce” is _________?
A. cite
B. solve
C. persuade
D. compute
Synonym of “plenary” is _________?
A. timely
B. combined
C. florid
D. full
Synonym of “assert” is _________?
A. agree
B. claim
C. imply
D. boast
Synonym of “affix” is _________?
A. complete
B. withstand
C. fasten
D. repair
Synonym of “impugn” is _________?
A. attribute
B. attack verbally
C. press
D. hold back by force
Synonym of “abash” is _________?
A. insult
B. be shy
C. revel
D. disconcert
Synonym of “implant” is _________?
A. inculcate
B. till
C. hybridize
D. transplant
Synonym of “impoverish” is _________?
A. oppress
B. be unthrifty
C. punish
D. make poor
Synonym of “desultory” is _________?
A. disconnected
B. thoughtless
C. slanderous
D. concentrated
Synonym of “covenant” is _________?
A. prayer
B. garden
C. agreement
D. debate
Synonym of “warn” is _________?
A. alert
B. be quick
C. provoke
D. deceive
He has been swimming _____ one hour.
A. from
B. with
C. Since
D. For
My friend amused us ________ funny jokes.
A. from
B. at
C. on
D. with
Do not bother me 3 o’ clock __ night.
A. in
B. at
C. on
D. along
Synonym of “collation” is _________?
A. correspondence
B. light meal
C. witty conversation
D. detailed account
Synonym of “furlong” is _________?
A. lengthy stay
B. eighth of a mile
C. quarter of a mile
D. loneliness
Synonym of “capricious” is _________?
A. impulsive
B. amusing
C. instinctive
D. carefree
Synonym of “bowdlerize” is _________?
A. censor
B. seize literally
C. add to
D. become rowdy
Synonym of “rankle” is _________?
A. irritate
B. warp
C. amuse
D. become arrogant
Synonym of “ordeal” is _________?
A. lengthy time
B. adventure
C. fair trade
D. painful experience
Synonym of “dicker” is _________?
A. complain
B. argue
C. bargain
D. waste time
Synonym of “culprit” is _________?
A. wrongdoer
B. cruel man
C. victim
D. unpleasant person
Synonym of “querulous” is _________?
A. questioning
B. critical
C. complaining
D. curious
E. ambiguous
Synonym of “succulent” is _________?
A. asking help
B. wicked
C. anxious
D. concise
E. juicy
Synonym of “misanthropy” is _________?
A. badinage
B. generosity
C. vivacity
D. miserliness
E. hatred
Synonym of “onerous” is _________?
A. possessive
B. proud
C. droll
D. burdensome
E. sly
Synonym of “sedate” is _________?
A. shy
B. impressive
C. calm
D. melancholy
Synonym of “omnipresent” is _________?
A. all-knowing
B. ubiquitous
C. threatening
D. hovering
Synonym of “declaim” is _________?
A. denounce
B. clarify
C. refuse to acknowledge
D. speak dramatically
Synonym of “impair” is _________?
A. weaken
B. mend
C. entreat
D. corrupt
Synonym of “avert” is _________?
A. surrender
B. oppose
C. prevent
D. affirm
Synonym of “immunize” is _________?
A. protect against disease
B. benumb
C. render mute
D. sterilize
Synonym of “assail” is _________?
A. attack
B. estimate
C. scale
D. indict
Synonym of “impel” is _________?
A. direct
B. urge forward
C. enliven
D. ward off
Synonym of “bolster” is _________?
A. to brag
B. rest on
C. support
D. straddle
Synonym of “domestic” is _________?
A. exclusive
B. native
C. inactive
D. exotic
Synonym of “unequivocal” is _________?
A. fearless
B. unmistakable
C. incomparable
D. variable
Synonym of “interpolate” is _________?
A. flee
B. explain
C. reverse
D. insert
Synonym of “mere” is _________?
A. humble
B. incomplete
C. only
D. inferior
Synonym of “abide” is _________?
A. loaf
B. approve
C. endure
D. suspend
Synonym of “advert” is _________?
A. turn against
B. chance
C. circumvent
D. refer
Synonym of “imply” is _________?
A. weave
B. express indirectly
C. set in motion
D. explain
Synonym of “insouciance” is _________?
A. impertinence
B. unconcerned
C. cleverness
D. humour
Synonym of “stigma” is _________?
A. summary
B. disgrace
C. obstruction
D. honour
Synonym of “temper” is _________?
A. trial
B. mood
C. synchronization
D. extremity
Synonym of “inexpedient” is _________?
A. shrewd
B. trivial
C. ambiguous
D. unadvisable
Synonym of “whorl” is _________?
A. excitement
B. rare gem
C. spiral arrangement
D. focus
Synonym of “envisage” is _________?
A. visualize
B. inspect
C. surround
D. idealize
Synonym of “buoyancy” is _________?
A. sadness
B. durability
C. cheerfulness
D. simplicity
Synonym of “unobtrusive” is _________?
A. clumsy
B. self evident
C. skillful
D. discreet
Synonym of “compunction” is _________?
A. compassion
B. forthrightness
C. remorse
D. responsibility
Synonym of “brazen” is _________?
A. glowing
B. unbreakable
C. irresponsible
D. shameless
Synonym of “acumen” is _________?
A. accuracy
B. shrewdness
C. force
D. obtuseness
The candidates shall abide ______ all directions, instructions and regulations issued by the department.
A. on
B. with
C. by
D. to
He was in UK ______ three weeks.
A. for
B. in
C. during
D. Since
I am used ______ speaking English.
A. with
B. of
C. to
D. Both B & C
Synonym of “culpable” is _________?
A. free
B. guilty
C. vindicable
D. wholesome
E. vindictive
Synonym of “ingenuous” is _________?
A. sophisticated
B. clever
C. cunning
D. naive
E. artificial
Synonym of “fealty” is _________?
A. sense of touch
B. loyalty
C. anger
D. anxiety
E. personality
Synonym of “homily” is _________?
A. cereal
B. household
C. suburb
D. sermon
E. pension
Synonym of “errata” is _________?
A. antiques
B. suggestive literature
C. odd behaviour
D. list of errors
Synonym of “fortuitous” is _________?
A. lucky
B. accidental
C. rich
D. prearranged
E. concerted
Synonym of “indigenous” is _________?
A. wealthy
B. having stomach trouble
C. native
D. scholarly
E. bald
Synonym of “frenetic” is _________?
A. frantic
B. idol
C. continental
D. relaxed
Synonym of “ancillary” is _________?
A. important
B. near
C. similar
D. auxiliary
Synonym of “rotunda” is _________?
A. carousel
B. musical composition
C. sealing fresco
D. circular building
Synonym of “cogent” is _________?
A. geared
B. formidable
C. strong
D. weak
E. convincing
Synonym of “condiment” is _________?
A. vegetable
B. salad
C. meat-dish
D. relish
E. sugar
Synonym of “expunge” is _________?
A. rationalize
B. purge
C. exhale
D. eradicate
E. assign
Synonym of “daft” is _________?
A. breezy
B. awkward
C. silly
D. nimble
My friend is _______ older than his wife.
A. much
B. many
C. very
D. Both A & C
Synonym of “reformation” is _________?
A. repetition
B. change
C. revelation
D. retreat
Synonym of “surmise” is _________?
A. a guess
B. summary
C. authoritative statement
D. prediction
Synonym of “contemplative” is _________?
A. robust
B. helpful
C. thoughtful
D. devious
Synonym of “emolument” is _________?
A. anything that softens
B. praise
C. profit
D. expression of approval
Synonym of “obligatory” is _________?
A. agreeable
B. required
C. useful
D. stubborn
Synonym of “homage” is _________?
A. patriotic sentiment
B. show of respect
C. moralizing speech
D. disbelief
Synonym of “sporadic” is _________?
A. irregular
B. instinctive
C. accidental
D. not genuine
Synonym of “forthwith” is _________?
A. by chance
B. straightforward
C. with excess vigour
D. immediately
Synonym of “astute” is _________?
A. untruthful
B. diligent
C. greedy
D. shrewd
Synonym of “garrulous” is _________?
A. affable
B. noisy
C. quarrelsome
D. talkative
Antonym of “earnest” is _______?
A. cheap
B. frivolous
C. release
D. civilized
Antonym of “accelerate” is _______?
A. delay
B. risk
C. monitor
D. deny
Antonym of “bemuse” is _______?
A. depress
B. inspire
C. clarify
D. desire
We locked the animals in the cage to ______ them from getting away.
A. avoid
B. object
C. prevent
D. hinder
Synonym of “centrifugal” is _________?
A. the exact center
B. rapid
C. moving away from the centre
D. consolidated
Synonym of “foretaste” is _________?
A. bitterness
B. anticipation
C. strength
D. sweetness
Synonym of “facade” is ________?
A. embankment
B. cosmetic
C. building front
D. long arcade
The rather humid climate in no way _____ from the beauty of the place.
A. protracts
B. subtracts
C. detracts
D. attracts
Synonym of “savanna” is _________?
A. grassland
B. harbour
C. garment
D. mat
________ were the best days of my life.
A. This
B. That
C. Those
D. These
Passive Voice of ” She has completed two courses”.
A. Two courses are been completed by her.
B. Two courses has been completed by her.
C. Two courses have been completed by her.
D. Two courses had been completed by her.
E. Two courses will be completed by her.
You have always been a great help. Which of the following words is an adverb?
A. have
B. been
C. always
D. great
E. help
Sana is different _______ other girls.
A. than
B. with
C. from
D. to
Having a tendency to break the law to do socially unacceptable things is?
A. delinquent
B. frank
C. juvenile
D. guilty
One who criticizes popular beliefs which he/she thinks is a mistake or unwise is?
A. philistine
B. iconoclast
C. imposter
D. cannibal
Practice of employing spies in war is?
A. esplande
B. espadrille
C. estrangement
D. espionage
A broad road bordered with trees is?
A. boudoir
B. boulevard
C. avenue
D. façade
Detaining and confining someone is?
A. interruption
B. interrogation
C. internment
D. intermittent
One who offers his service without charging for it is?
A. philanderer
B. volunteer
C. mercenary
D. missionary
A place where a lot people go on holiday or vacation is?
A. casino
B. beach
C. resort
D. museum
The act of giving up sovereign power is?
A. relinquish
B. renounce
C. abdicate
D. resign
Violation of something holy or sacred is?
A. profanity
B. sedition
C. sacrilege
D. slander
Living at the same time is?
A. concurrent
B. contemporary
C. coincident
D. concomitant
Branch of medicine dealing with the health and care of old people is?
A. obstetrics
B. pediatrics
C. calisthenics
D. geriatrics
The time when two people have a romantic relationship before they get married is?
A. snobbery
B. courtship
C. estrangement
D. polyphony
That never fails is?
A. irrelevant
B. infallible
C. indelible
D. inaudible
That which is out of place is?
A. anachronistic
B. obsolete
C. incongruous
D. archaic
An odd, a typical or eccentric trait is?
A. harangue
B. hyperbole
C. idiosyncrasy
D. elegy
A dogmatic person is?
A. nomadic
B. elite
C. zealot
D. swashbuckler
A cluster of house in village is?
A. fleet
B. hamlet
C. monument
D. constellation
A noisy and bombastic speech addressed to a large assembly is?
A. rhetoric
B. cacophony
C. harangue
D. oration
Hard to understand is?
A. punctilious
B. obtuse
C. absurd
D. abstruse
The study of ancient writings is?
A. annals
B. paleographic
C. calligraphy
D. archeology
One who promotes the idea of absence of government of any kind, when every man should be a law unto himself is?
A. agnostic
B. Iconoc
C. belligerent
D. anarchist
Responsible according to law is?
A. eligible
B. legitimate
C. legalised
D. liable
Which is bound to be done is?
A. soliloquy
B. indispensable
C. sinecure
D. indelible
Matter written by hand is?
A. handwritten
B. manuscript
C. proof
D. amnesty
A statement that can have a double meaning is?
A. Verbose
B. Ambivalent
C. Epigraph
D. Ambiguous
Money paid to a man for his labour is?
A. sacrilege
B. rent
C. bunting
D. remuneration
A person who constantly thinks, he is sick is a?
A. hypochondriac
B. misogynist
C. misanthrope
D. hyperpitutiary
Anything written in a letter after it is signed is?
A. corrigendum
B. Manuscript
C. postscript
D. unmanageable
One who has obstinate and narrow religious views is ____________?
A. fanatic
B. theologian
C. bigot
D. egotist
I wish Sana _______come soon.
A. will
B. would
C. had
D. have
Specialised in nose disease is?
A. rhinologist
B. philologist
C. endocrinologist
D. gerontologist
Animals who lives in herds are?
A. sociable
B. gregarious
C. carnivorous
D. social
An unexpected piece of good fortune is?
A. windfall
B. philanthrophy
C. benevolence
D. turnstile
An emolument over and above fixed income or salary is?
A. honorarium
B. sinecure
C. prerogative
D. perquisite
The doctor known as an eye-specialist is?
A. orthodontist
B. orthopedist
C. ophthalmologist
D. obstetrician
The practice of pretending to have feelings that one does not really have is?
A. treachery
B. villainy
C. hypocrisy
D. inundate
To run away with a lover is?
A. deceive
B. cheat
C. escape
D. elope
A system of government controlled by persons of high intellectual ability is?
A. oligarchy
B. democracy
C. meritocracy
D. theocracy
Young one of horse is?
A. piglet
B. lamb
C. calf
D. colt
One who does not follow the usual rules of social life is called ___________?
A. egoist
B. frank
C. bohemian
D. reveille
Antonym of “impervious” is _______?
A. kind
B. disastrous
C. prone
D. perfect
Don’t make me __ hurt you.
A. to
B. over
C. at
D. none
Synonym of “deprecate” is _________?
A. plead earnestly against
B. denounce
C. belittle
D. devaluate
E. dishonor
I will play cricket and ______ I will have lunch.
A. immediately
B. straight away
C. so
D. then
Name the river in the world which carries the maximum volume of water ?
A. Amazon
B. Nile
C. Indus
D. Mississippi
I am going _____ home.
A. at
B. to
C. towards
D. None
Synonym of “altercation” is ________?
A. adjustment
B. repair
C. quarrel
D. split personality
E. echo
She is thankful to you for being so patient ____ her.
A. for
B. of
C. with
D. at
Antonym of “penurious” is _______?
A. generous
B. lenient
C. injurious
D. relaxed
It is _________ impossible to tell the twins apart.
A. realistically
B. extremely
C. virtually
D. closely
Active Voice of “Movies are not watched by him”.
A. He did not watch movies.
B. He do not watch movies.
C. He does not watch movies.
D. He is not watched movies.
Sana was starring _____ me.
A. to
B. towards
C. at
D. on
Antonym of “conversant” is _______?
A. inexperienced
B. unprepared
C. shy
D. unpretentious
______ no need to buy traveller’s cheques since most countries take credit cards.
A. It is
B. It has
C. You are
D. There is
I will be glad to get rid _____ him.
A. from
B. with
C. of
D. by
Synonym of “asperity” is _________?
A. roughness
B. dream
C. ambition
D. smoothness
E. sarcastic remark
Their last cook was better than their ____ one.
A. instant
B. latter
C. current
D. former
You _______ to eat if you don’t feel like it.
A. haven’t
B. needn’t
C. mustn’t
D. don’t have
His application for a visa was turned _____ by the consulate.
A. out
B. over
C. down
D. aside
Synonym of “sacrosanct” is __________.
A. prayer
B. sanctuary
C. pious
D. sacred
You are _______ your time trying to persuade him, he will never help you.
A. missing
B. losing
C. spending
D. wasting
Bananas are selling _______ Rs250 per dozen.
A. on
B. over
C. with
D. at 
______ known as Prince claimed that he was the rightful heir to the throne.
A. Man
B. A man
C. The man
D. None
Antonym of “effluvium” is ________.
A. land
B. essential
C. fragrance
D. solid
He persisted _____ silly ideas.
A. on
B. to
C. in
D. none
He Was all at sea when he began his new Job.What does idiom / phrase “at sea” means __________?
A. happy
B. sad
C. puzzled
D. triumphant
Food prices have been ______ steadily for at least two years.
A. raising
B. rising
C. growing
D. lifting
Synonym of “fecund” is _________.
A. fruitful
B. changeable
C. decayed
D. strong
Active Voice of “Indiscipline should not be encouraged by us”.
A. We shall not encouraging indiscipline.
B. We have not encouraging indiscipline.
C. We should not encourage Indiscipline.
D. We must not encouraged indiscipline.
Change the narration of “Sana said, “I will do it now or never”.
A. Sana said that she will do it now or never.
B. Sana said that she will now or never do it.
C. Sana said that she would do it then or never.
D. Sana said that she would now or never do it.
Passive Voice of “They held a meeting very early”.
A. A meeting was hold by them very early.
B. A meeting will be held by them very early.
C. A meeting is held by them very early
D. A meeting was held by them very early.
Antonym of “gainsay” is _______.
A. regret
B. own
C. prudent
D. prude
She goes to her mother’s house off and on. What does idiom / phrase “off and on” means
A. frequently
B. rarely
C. occasionally
D. sometimes
My sister is bad _____ maths.
A. in
B. with
C. at
D. from
Synonym of “impregnable” is ___________.
A. vulnerable
B. full
C. unconquerable
D. stern
Antonym of “peaked” is _________.
A. tired
B. arrogant
C. pointy
D. ruddy
Active Voice of “This house is used very rarely by us”.
A. We are using this house very rarely.
B. We use this house very rarely.
C. We used this house very rarely.
D. We uses this house very rarely.
Usman is afraid ______ dog.
A. from
B. of
C. with
D. to
Synonym of “expunge” is ________.
A. drain
B. lie
C. distort
D. obliterate
I am sick. “am” is ___________.
A. Noun
B. Pronoun
C. Verb
D. Adjective
E. Adverb
Antonym of “dearth” is ________.
A. lack
B. poverty
C. abundance
D. foreign
Synonym of “copse” is _______.
A. thicket
B. box
C. stone hut
D. cloud
Passive Voice of “The box can contain no more”.
A. No more this box can contain.
B. No more could be contained in this box.
C. No more can be contained in this box.
D. Nothing can be contained in this box.
The Jar was full _______ oil.
A. with
B. from
C. by
D. of
Change the narration of (He said to the judge, “I did not commit this crime.”)
A. He told the Judge that he did not commit the crime.
B. He told the judge that he had not committed the crime.
C. He told the judge that he had not committed that crime.
D. He told the judge that he had not committed this crime.
Antonym of “sartorial” is __________.
A. cheerful
B. sincere
C. inelegant
D. homespun
He always insisted ____ his opinion.
A. to
B. in
C. on
D. over
Synonym of “tremulous” is ___________.
A. domineering
B. frantic
C. inadequate
D. trembling
Synonym of “plethora” is _________.
A. trouble
B. foolish
C. wealth
D. love
Active Voice of “He was being chased by the dogs”.
A. The dogs are chasing him.
B. The dogs chased him.
C. The dogs chase him.
D. The dogs were chasing him.
Antonym of “quiescent” is _________.
A. lackadaisical
B. active
C. dull
D. prescient
He called me last night. “me” is
A. Subject pronoun
B. Reflexive pronoun
C. Object pronoun
D. Possessive pronoun
He accused the man _______ stealing.
A. for
B. on
C. with
D. of
Passive Voice of “The teacher may punish you”.
A. You should be punished by the teacher.
B. You shall have been punished by the teacher.
C. You will be punished by the teacher.
D. You may be punished by the teacher.
E. You might be punished by the teacher.
Synonym of “pall” is __________.
A. light
B. satiate
C. carry
D. horror
You must take a taxi if you ___________ to catch the next train.
A. intend
B. will intend
C. would intend
D. intending
Antonym of “impecunious” is _________.
A. wealthy
B. cautious
C. hungry
D. tardy
Passive Voice of “Sajid gave the beggar an old shirt”.
A. An old shirt was given to Sajid by the beggar.
B. An old shirt was given to the beggar by Sajid.
C. The beggar was gave an old shirt by Sajid.
D. An old shirt was gave to the beggar by Sajid.
He is weak _____ grammar.
A. at
B. in
C. from
D. with
Synonym of “Crucifixion” is _________.
A. contentment
B. happiness
C. execution
D. gassing
He __________ a lot of reading in his free time.
A. does
B. is
C. reads
D. doesn’t
Antonym of “matutinal” is ________.
A. paternal
B. crepuscular
C. maritime
D. marsupial
Synonym of “drizzle” is ___________.
A. curly
B. sprinkle
C. sear
D. drench
Sana is popular ______ her friends.
A. among
B. by
C. over
D. with
Passive Voice of “Has someone made all the necessary arrangements?”
A. Has all the necessary arrangements been made by someone ?
B. Have the necessary arrangements been all made by someone ?
C. Have all the necessary arrangements been made by someone ?
D. All the necessary arrangements have been made by one.
Antonym of “awe” is _______.
A. borrow
B. shallow
C. low
D. contempt
My book is different ____ yours.
A. than
B. with
C. from
D. by
Antonym of “brazen” is ________.
A. bashful
B. boisterous
C. noisy
D. heated
Passive Voice of “The boy has rung the bell”.
A. The bell has been being rung by the boy.
B. The bell was being rung by the boy.
C. The bell was rung by the boy.
D. The bell has been rung by the boy.
Sana filled the glass _______ water.
A. with
B. of
C. from
D. by
Synonym of “prevalent” is _________.
A. wind
B. servile
C. widespread
D. rare
Synonym of “castigate” is __________.
A. neuter
B. punish
C. banish
D. celebrate
I was studying English _______ my brother was watching a drama.
A. When
B. although
C. While
D. because
Nelson Mandela was deprived ______ his freedom.
A. from
B. in
C. with
D. of
Antonym of “recondite” is __________.
A. give
B. obscure
C. patent
D. hardy
Passive Voice of “Someone pulled the bull violently”.
 A. The bull had been pulled violently by someone.
B. The bull was to be pulled violently by someone.
C. The bull had been pulled violently.
D. The bull was pulled violently.
He is accustomed ______ hot weather.
A. with
B. of
C. to
D. by
Synonym of “sundry” is __________.
A. aged
B. supply
C. various
D. tremendous
Sana enjoyed eating both meat and vegetables; she considered herself a(n) __________.
A. Hungry
B. Carnivore
C. Vegetarian
D. Omnivore
After a large Friday dinner, Salam’s family was ______.
A. Satiated
B. esurient
C. argumentative
D. assiduous
Synonym of “peer” is __________.
A. foe
B. connote
C. fellow
D. recluse
It is very cold here in winter, so they ___________ Islamabad.
A. going to
B. usually go to
C. goes to
D. are sometimes go to
Synonym of “civil” is __________.
a. unkind
b. trite
c. public
d. questionable
The man was charged _____ murder.
A. on
B. of
C. with
D. at
Synonym of “largesse” is ___________.
A. greatness
B. generosity
C. anger
D. clumsiness
He is fully contented _____ his life.
A. of
B. with
C. for
D. in
Passive Voice of “The people elected him Mayor”.
A. Him was elected Mayor the people.
B. He was elected Mayor by the people.
C. Mayor is elected by the people.
D. He is elected by the people Mayor.
Antonym of “kowtow” is ___________.
A. snub
B. pull
C. fawn
D. forage
Synonym of “calumny” is ____________.
A. compliment
B. cleverness
C. slander
D. hardship
The shopkeeper has charged me ten rupees _______ this book.
A. at
B. with
C. for
D. of
Antonym of “banal” is __________.
A. sincere
B. wealthy
C. extraordinary
D. trustworthy
Synonym of “encroach” is ________________.
A. infest
B. spread out
C. weaken
D. trespass
Mother was aware _____ her children.
A. at
B. of
C. over
D. on
Passive Voice of “People speak English all over the world”.
A. English is spoken by people.
B. English was spoken all over the world.
C. English was spoken by people.
D. English is spoken all over the world.
Antonym of “spurious” is _______________.
A. flexible
B. thoughtless
C. provident
D. genuine
I have had problems similar ______ yours.
A. from
B. with
C. of
D. to
Synonym of “Victory” is __________.
A. progress
B. success
C. defeat
D. fortune
E. overcome
The training session has been changed from 9:00 _____ 10:00.
A. at
B. to
C. in
D. by
E. and
Passive Voice of ” Sana is washing her clothes” is _______________________.
A. Her clothes are being washed by Sana.
B. Her clothes were being washed by Sana.
C. Her clothes has been washed by Sana.
D. Her clothes is being washed by Sana.
E. Her clothes had been washed by Sana.

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