Compare Secondary And Higher Education of India and Pakistan
Compare Secondary And Higher Education of India and Pakistan

Define the concept of comparative education

Define the concept of comparative education?

Differentiate between comparative and international education in which approach can be used for the analysis of comparison education?


Comparative Education:

it’s a habit of a human being to make a comparison of two things that are around them especially such things that exist in different places this may be done as a result of man’s desire to know the relationship existing between. Sometimes the children at home or anywhere make comparisons between their parents because one of them are loving him more than the other. Comparison takes place whenever we have two or more things at the same time for making better choices.

Adeyinka 1994 give the following definitions for the concepts

  • a study of two or more in the education system
  • a study of how the philosophy policy and practice of education in other countries influence the journal development policy and practice of education in particular countries
  • a study of how the development of education in the past across the ages the continent has influenced the development of education in particular countries
  • a study of a school system of two or more countries and of our administrative machinery is set up to implement or to control the implementation of government policies at various levels of the education system

according to Good 1962, a comparative study is a field of study that deal with the comparison of current education with the practice in different countries for the purpose of finding the problem beyond the boundaries of one’s country from the above definition comparative education allows someone to know about the education outside is on country

Differentiate between Comparative and International Education:

International education: The use of comparative knowledge for the explicit purpose of International education and comparative education are closely related terms. Both

feature in the subtitle of Compare educational improvement in a particular country, typically a developing country. Comparative and International Education is a vast, rich, and growing field of inquiry that is concerned with the academic study of a wide range of key educational issues and themes across a range of cultures, countries, and regions. Comparatives come from a range of disciplinary backgrounds and therefore come to the field with different subject expertise and ideas about how best to conduct research in the field. There has been much debate over the theoretical, epistemological, and methodological frameworks and tools that should be used when carrying out research in comparative and international education as well as discussions over the future directions of the field.

  Comparative Education International
Aim Improvement Cooperation/Support
Geographical With in the country/National International level
Scope Between the countries/international International level
Carried out by Researchers/Organization Usually, involve high profile
Interest In One’s own improvement Global perspective

The reader should not be allowed To do the comparison of different educational practices by himself, rather the comparison and conclusion should be done by Investigator himself. Data that has to be compared, should be gathered and reviewed.

In addition, hypotheses should also be used in the gathering of data. Then, the educational practices of the country under the study will be put side by side with educational practices.

The next stage after juxtaposition is the comparison of educational practices, of the countries that have been put side by side. It is a stage of comparison that the hypotheses that had need formulated earlier on will be rejected or accepted

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