AIOU Solved Guess Papers Foreign policy of Pakistan-II 4662

Q.1 Discuss in detail Pakistan’s relations with Saudi Arabia from 1947 to 1969.

Q.2 Critically analyze the role of Pakistan as a President of the United Nations Security Council.

Q.3 What was the plan of the USSR for the security of Asia? Why had Pakistan refused to join that plan despite being invited by the USSR?

Q.4. Make a detailed analysis of ups and downs in Egypt Pakistan relations.

Q.5 Elaborate the diplomatic efforts of Pakistan in support of the people of Palestine.

Q.6 It is often said: ” Pakistan lost more in its policy of alignment with the west than she gained” analyze the statement in the light of historical facts.

Q.7 Give a critical appraisal of Zia’s Afghan policy in the 1980s. What were the repercussions of Zia’s Afghan policy on the internal security of Pakistan?

Q.8 What is meant by South and South cooperation? What is Pakistan’s role in this cooperation and the benefits that might have accrued to Pakistan?

Q.9 Do you agree that China is rightly considered an all-weather friend of Pakistan? Explain it.

Q.10 Explain why, despite being targets of terrorism, Pakistan allies often express dissatisfaction with Pakistan’s counter-terrorism policy and actions? Is this a failure of Pakistan’s diplomacy or a weakness in its policy? Identify the faults and suggest corrective measures.

Q.11 What was CENTO? Discuss Pakistans role as a member of CENTO.

Q.12 Pakistan had been a strong critic of colonialism in the United Nations but this criticism had not affected its relations with the West. What were the reasons that Pakistan’s criticism of colonialism had not affected its relations with the West?

Q.13 Elaborate diplomacy of Pakistan on the platform of South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC).

Q.14. Elaborate Pakistan’s relations with Iran from 1947 to 1953. Why the leadership of Pakistan could not learning the lesson from the dislodging of Muhammad Mosaddegh government by CIA in 1953?

Q.15 The US policy towards South Asia was realistic as it keep India and Pakistan on board by providing economic assistance to both countries but Pakistan’s policy was unrealistic as in its effort to make alliances with the West it antagonized the USSR. Make a critical analysis of Pakistan’s unrealistic policy.

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