Women in-harassment in Pakistan prepare the Android app

Women in harassment of in Pakistan prepare the Android app

Women in-harassment Android App The men who surround public places, phrases and harassment should be smart because the Information Technology University (Punjab) is preparing a mobile app through which the police will be able to instantly report such cases and refer to such men.

Today, women have witnessed increasing increase in public places, markets, shopping centers and harassment incidents, trying to stir up women, nimble, watching them, and trying to touch and touch various forms of harassment. Pakistan is also involved in countries where such unwanted and non-violent incidents occur. While traveling in public transportation, while looking at the market, many women are attractive, some phrases are cheap, and some people try to touch women.

Vice Chancellor of the Information Technology University told Express News that the action against those who do not want to ignore these movements and no report is lodged with the police. There are many things to harass women, but there are no data available to help them to know where women are harassed at places and hours, for that reason we This move has taken place.

Dr. Umar said that a pilot project was launched with support from World Bank in April 2017, for this purpose a mobile app was developed in the name of Reep and again surveyed women selected in Lahore with the help of this app. In the first phase, public transport sector was taken, this step will help us to know that at times, women are more likely to harass women. Government measures have been taken in the light of these figures, action will be taken against such people and their places will be protected where women are harassed.Head of the project and ITU Director, Data Science Lab, Dr. Faisal Kamran, told that he has surveyed about 2,000 women in the first phase, the data is being collected in the light of this survey, in the second phase of educational institutions Shopping centers, markets, leisure vehicles and offices will be surveyed and then this mobile app will be normalized. Dr. Faisal Kamran said that this mobile app will also be connected to the Police Helpline Center, which will enable women to immediately report harassment, which will then be taken against such people. He also said that the aim of this move is to make solid policy to prevent women from being autonomous and harassed.
A student of Aqsa said that she is most likely to feel fearful and insecure when she waits for a single stop at the stop. Another student said that many men watch them strangely, speak strange words, try to approach and touch, we are forced to not tell anyone about such a dramatic movement.

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