How To Speed Up WordPress Website Load Time 15 Easy Ways

How To Speed Up WordPress Website Load Time 15 Easy Ways

WordPress is the best platform to make a blog,  Website, E-commerce Website for your business or personal use. WordPress makes very easy way to make Websites. However, one weakness of WordPress is that it is quite slow in working. But we can speed up WordPress with some plugins and steps. That is required to improve our website performance and increase visitors and customers. In this post, I will clear 15 best and easy ways to speed up the WordPress website.

Why WordPress Site Speed Required?

When a person loads your website for the very first time you have only a few seconds to capture the attention and forced to visit your website again and again.

Microsoft Report: According to Microsoft BIng Research team if a page requires load time more then 2 seconds or longer delay can reduce the user satisfaction almost 3.8% and you can be lost revenue 4.3% per user and reduce clicks.

if your site requires a long time to load most of the people never visit your site again. Not only peoples Google also include site speed in the website ranking algorithm. So If your site requires a long time to load your site it also effects on google ranking that is very bad for your site you will lose revenue.


Ways To Speed Up WordPress Site

  1. Choose a Good Host
  2. Start With Solid Theme/Framework
  3. Use Cache Plugin
  4. Use Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  5. Use Plugin to Optimise Images
  6. Optimise Home Page
  7. Optimise WordPress Database
  8. Disable Hotlinking and Leeching of Contents
  9. Add Expire Header to Static Resources
  10. Adjust Gravatar Images
  11. Add Lazy Load Plugin for Images
  12. Control the Stored Amount of Post Revision
  13. Turn off Trak Back and PingBack
  14. Replace PHP with HTML If Need
  15. Use Cloudflare Network

1.Choose a Good Host

When to start your website or blog first you need to select the host speed of your site to depend on hosting if the hosting is good your site performance will be good and if you select a bad host that is affected your site performance.

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