China’s modern surveillance system identification of the accused


China’s modern surveillance system identification of the accused

Modern surveillance system identification accused Beijing The Chinese police arrested a person involved in financial corruption between 60,000 spectators with the help of modern technology of CCTV cameras. According to the International Broadcasting Agency, a 30-year-old man was arrested from the concert of leading singer Jackie Chong in the Nanping City of China, for which modern technology of CCT cameras was supported. This technology has surprisedly identified the 60,000 spectators from the image of a safe suspect in its data.

CCTV cameras installed at the concert entrance identified the accused AK and updated the police system on which the police arrested the accused. He was surprised by his capture process, engaged in watching the concert with his wife and children, whose way the technology goes to modern technology. The Facial Recognition System protects the faces of the face effects by saving photographs of the suspects and the desired people and analyzes the face of the bone, the eye shape, the eye shape and the lips, the nose. Protects the police separately and also protects the police as soon as they come in front of the camera.

170 million CCTV cameras in China are connected to the security system for timely monitoring. These CCTV cameras can also identify the desired person by thousands of people based on the secure photos and information in their data, for which the Facial Recognition System is used. It is clear that in August last year, China’s police arrested 25 suspects in a festival between the Facial Recognition System. The suspects thought that in the presence of thousands of people, police would not recognize the accused but they did not know that the Chinese government kept the services of the services of the services.



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