Importance of Lemon fruits

Importance of Lemon fruits

Importance Lemon fruits Importance of Lemon fruits Tropical regions are suitable for cultivation of citrus fruits. Pakistan is not a big grower of citrus due to its sub-tropical climate but still citrus is very important crops.  Pakistan Horticulture Development & Export Company is a state company under the ministry of commerce, the government of Pakistan which states that the total citrus cultivation in Pakistan is about 1600Km2 with an annual production of 1.5 million metric tons. Punjab has favorable growing conditions with adequate water for citrus and produces over 95% of the crop.

Lemons find their uses in food and drinks as lemonade, cocktail and soft drinks. Lemons are used in industry for the production of citric acid. Lemons are used as a cleaning agent for copper wares.

This project was based on computer vision techniques and code has been written using Open CV library in C++. The process included image segmentation and analysis. Segmentation comprises of background removal, image enhancement, and morphological operations whereas image analysis includes extracting useful features such as shape area, color features and region surface irregularities.

The goal of this project was to design a method for sorting and grading of lemons. The project was built based on image processing and computer vision techniques. The project was designed such that the resulting process was automatic. It did not require any human supervision in the prediction of the quality of fruit. Only manual placement of the fruit in image capturing chamber was required, after that the whole process was automatic. The mechanical system was able to sort the lemons into their specific bins using a conveyor belt and an actuator.

The project has following objectives:

  • Using image-processing techniques to segment image foreground.
  • To calculate the size of the fruit.
  • To determine the ripeness.
  • To detect defective fruits.

Build a physical arrangement to automate the process.

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