Guess The Meaning Of The Word And Make Second

Guess The Meaning Of The Word And Make Second The Following Instances Contain Some Highlighted Words, Guess The Meaning Of These Words And Use Them In Sentences Of Your Own.

  1. It had been raining hard through the night so the ground was saturated.
  2. Some people think that my little brother is annoying because he asks so many questions, but I think that he just has an inquisitive
  3. It is hard to catch a football that has been fumbled because the oblong shape of the ball makes it difficult to predict where it will bounce.
  4. “I wish I had brought my spectacles,” the old librarian remarked as she squinted and strained to read the text.
  5. After being bitten by a snake, the small boy writhed in pain on the ground.
Words Meaning Sentences
Saturated سیر شدہ The Constant Rain Caused Saturation Of The Already Water-Bogged Area.
Inquisitive جشتھاس Once She Was Comfortable With Us She Opened Up, Displaying A Sharp And Inquisitive Mind.
Oblong آئتاکار The Only Bathroom Was A Tiny Oblong.
Predict پیشین گوئی I Predict Tonight Will Be A Huge Success.
Writhed مرجھایا The Man Writhed In Pain, Yet His Hold On Her Did Not Lessen.


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