AutoBlog Iframe Extension Plugin for WordPress v1.1.4

AutoBlog Iframe Extension Plugin for WordPress v1.1.4
AutoBlog Iframe Extension Plugin for WordPress v1.1.4

What Can You Do With This Plugin?

AutoBlog Iframe Extension Plugin for WordPress v1.1.4 AutoBlog Iframe Extension Plugin for WordPress is a breaking edge iframe content embedder. It will use iframes to automatically embed original article posts to your site! The goal is to achieve the following:
AutoBlog Iframe Extension will automatically create content for your site, using iframes to embed the original content automatically to your site. Iframes are really loved by Google because they are categorized as “fair use” of the original content – thus your site will not get any duplicate content SEO penalties.

Plugin update log

v1.1.1 update: Added the ability to disable the iframe functionality for rules from other plugins – video tutorial.
v1.1 update: added the ability to add text and images next to the displayed iframe from pages.

Why do you need iframes on your site?

To truly answer this question, we first need to know what an iframe is.

iFrames allow you to embed a separate HTML document (from other websites) on the pages from your site. As a result, you will automatically get content from other URLs on your own web page.

Search engines love iframes because they are used in many situations on the web. Here are some examples:

  • Built-in videos, presentations, and other visual content.
  • For embedding examples of code fragments.
  • To optimize the appearance of support service tools.
  • To generate background traffic through affiliate programs. The use of the tag is due to the increase of visits that are recorded by analytics systems and overstate traffic results.
  • Used in software applications.
  • Often helpful for technical support departments.
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Do iframes cause duplicate content issues?

Since iframes reference a different web page, rather than replicating the content, they will not create duplicate content penalties from search engines. The crawling robots recognize the <iframe> tag and don’t register the content as duplicate.

Does Google consider iframes as “cloaking”?

“Cloaking” refers to a black hat tactic in which you present different content to search engine robots than to users who visit your page. Since iframes clearly mark the source of the content in the HTML syntax, search engine robots understand that the content the user sees is the same content referred to in the source URL. Iframes are therefore completely distinct from cloaking, so don’t worry about being carded for black hat tactics.

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